Weekend at Bernie’s


In one weekend, I’ve learned so much about Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders wants a payroll tax on everyone! He’d start slow and people are supposed to believe it would stop at this. His welfare giveaways add up to as much as $18 trillion and that is only the beginning. Under Bernie, we would become Greece. This is what he says while he wants our vote.

CNS News found a video of an Aug. 8, 1985 interview on the CCTV Center for Media & Democracy’s Channel with Bernie Sanders, then-Communist and currently still a Communist. The only difference is he calls himself a Socialist and would prefer to be called a Progressive.

This is a clip of the best of his statements. He praises Castro in the clip because he “educated their kids, gave their kids healthcare, totally transformed society”.

I don’t know how CNS found this but it should help clarify what he is for people. If this doesn’t do it, then maybe they just want what Communism offers.

The people of Cuba are still being imprisoned for any free thought crime or for traveling to parts of the island for which they don’t have a pass. The government will continue to decide what they can do and where they can go. We haven’t done anything to get the regime to change that.

Before the revolution, Cuba’s average per capita income was higher than in much of Europe. Communism brought Cuba the distinction of being the only country in the Western Hemisphere whose standard of living has steadily fallen for 50 years.

Castro’s excuse for the squalor, crime and complete disintegration of society is that U.S. maintains a trade embargo. He says this despite the fact that he trades with the rest of the world.

What Castro has done to Cuba is pure evil. He has degraded his people and destroyed their culture as well as having devastated the beauty of the city.

Everything is old and there is nothing being produced so nothing is repaired. Blight is everywhere from the city to the outer reaches of the slums. Foundations of buildings are crumbling, windows are broken, patches are made of knotted wood, metal scraps, and thatching.

Except for the elite, people live in squalor.

Cuba today:

cuba1 cuba2 cuba3 cuba4

The man Hillary Clinton is considering for her Vice Presidential pick is Julian Castro who said he doesn’t have problem with Bernie being the candidate for the Democratic party.

Leftist Dick Durbin likes him as a presidential candidate too. These people are very extreme.

This is the full video (WARNING, it’s very boring listen to an old commie who hasn’t grown up):



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