Weird John Kasich Needs to Do This Immediately



Kasich needs to leave the race immediately. Someone needs to tell him he’s not Captain John Sparrow and has no path to the presidency other than a corrupt convention. He likes Common Core and must be using Common Core math as he expands his strategy team with one win out of 25.

Kasich won’t leave the race. He vowed a convention fight. Delusional, he said, “We are going to go all the way to Cleveland and secure the Republican nomination.” He believes he has been “laboring in obscurity” and he will now get attention which will propel him to the winner’s seat.

His goal really is personal power because he has no base.

John Kasich is pure establishment though he says he’s not, claiming the establishment doesn’t like him and gives him a hard time. It is in fact, conservatives who give him a hard time for his support of the expansion of Medicaid, Common Core, amnesty and other liberal agenda items. He has already said that in his first 100 days, he will give amnesty to all the millions of illegal aliens in this country. He’s also a promoter of expanding the unvetted refugee program.

Kasich stood off to the side during the debates, straddling the fence, refusing to take a stand, pretending he’s too “adult” and above the fray, yet he is running the most vicious ad campaign against Trump of all the candidates.

Fox News announced on Fox&Friends Wednesday that there are three non-establishment candidates left and Trump and Kasich had big nights on Tuesday. Kasich  had a terrible night, losing big everywhere else. If he were a stock, you’d short it.

Cruz is currently battling it out with Trump in Missouri and if he wins, it will be his only win on Tuesday though he picked up delegates in Illinois and North Carolina.

Well-funded by Soros, Kasich is in the race to act as a spoiler.

Kasich is a parody of the self-promoting politician who thinks of himself as the ‘Prince of the Light’. He won one state out of 25 and thinks he’s King Arthur coming home victorious from battle to fight another day. He didn’t even file enough signatures to be on the ballot in Pennsylvania.

Fox commentator Dennis Kucinich says the mailman’s son – it can now be verified he’s a postman’s son after it was mentioned by Kasich in 100% of his speeches – has to be the VP because it’s the only way to win Ohio and a Republican presidential candidate needs Ohio to win. Kasich said he wouldn’t consider being Trump’s VP. Let’s hope he sticks to his word, though it’s unlikely.

A montage of Kasich at his best:

Read about the money he has taken from George Soros, Hillary’s donor.

THIS Major GOP Presidential Candidate Took $588,375 From George Soros!


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