Weird Robert Ate ‘Regenerative’ Dirt, Fed His Wife Poop as a Prank


He’s no RFK.

O’Rourke, who in January launched a five-state road trip across the Southwest, found himself eating dirt told to possess “regenerative powers” during one stop in New Mexico, according to the Washington Post.

The newspaper said he also brought some of the dirt back home to Texas for the family to eat, as well.

The Washington Post reported in a profile of Beto and Amy’s marriage published Tuesday that Beto is a known impulsive prankster who proposed to his wife on April Fool’s Day just four months after meeting her.

Beto attempted to play a practical joke on his wife by telling her that a turd he plucked from one of their children’s diapers was an avocado, a friend of the couple told The Washington Post.

“That’s how Amy knew him then and even now — impulsive and puckish: He told her on one of their first dates that he planned to name his first son Ulysses (which they did, about a year after marrying, followed by a Molly and a Henry),” WaPo reported.

Neither Beto nor Amy O’Rourke would confirm the baby poop story, though neither denied it and The Post reported that O’Rourke told the paper it sounded like something he would do.

The Daily Caller tweeted that the world needs to know if she ate it.

“He dubbed their dog Roosevelt before realizing that the dog was a girl (who now goes by Rosie),” WaPo wrote.

The Post report also said that O’Rourke deployed a remote-controlled cockroach in the family kitchen and attempted to scare his wife in the shower, a la Anthony Perkins in the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock classic, “Psycho.”

Come to think of it, Beto looks like Perkins. In fact, let’s call him BATES O”ROURKE from now on after the Bates Motel.

His wife is the daughter of a real estate billionaire and a nice looking woman. Why ever did she marry him?

Worse than that, the Democrats are trying to push this odd fellow forward as a great candidate for the presidency. And they complain about Donald Trump? Let’s ask CNN to analyze this guy since they love to analyze Republicans, maybe they can shed some light on what’s wrong with O’Rourke.

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