Welcome Back! Terrorist/Murderer Rehired at the University of Illinois


real james kilgore
Terrorist/murderer/robber/liar James Kilgore

James Kilgore is a “valuable employee” according to University of Illinois officials. He also happens to be a murderer and a terrorist with a long rap sheet, though he prefers to call himself a “political offender.”

His supporters say he just got in with the wrong crowd.

Released from prison after serving less than six years for second degree murder, he managed to secure a lecturer’s position at U. of I. with the help of his wife, a faculty member who is less-than-honest.

Kilgore, still a leftist
Kilgore today, still a leftist.

His contract was not renewed when his criminal/terrorist past was publicized.

U. of I.board members, including Chairman Christopher Kennedy, who once referred to Kilgore as a “domestic terrorist,” decided to allow university officials to rehire Kilgore if they choose.

“The university in making this decision, if I am rehired, is recognizing that people can change and that people should be given second chances and that when they prove themselves, they shouldn’t simply be dismissed from their position on the basis of their criminal background or their past,” he said.

It’s not very believable given his past but even it it’s so, aren’t there any crimes that prevent people from teaching youth?

In New York, teachers can lose their license to teach based on moral turpitude.

In February, The News-Gazette in Champaign detailed his former involvement with the Symbionese Liberation Army, a 1970s violent terrorist group. He was also involved in a 1975 armed robbery in California that left one woman – a housewife – dead.

He was the last captured member of the Symbionese Liberation Army, a group notorious for bank robberies, killings and the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst.

His cover unraveled after the 1999 arrest of his former girlfriend Sara Jane Olson aka Kathleen Soliah.

SFGate reported that besides kidnapping Hearst, the group of mostly white, privileged revolutionaries led by a black ex-convict was responsible for the murder of Oakland school superintendent Marcus Foster, bank robberies, and the attempted bombings of Los Angeles police cars. Joseph Remiro is serving a life sentence for Foster’s 1973 murder.

Kilgore, a native of Portland, Ore., joined the SLA after graduating from UC Santa Barbara in 1969. He escaped a 1974 shootout with Los Angeles police in which six of the SLA’s original members died, according to SFGate.

He disappeared on Sept. 18, 1975, as the FBI arrested Hearst and other SLA members in San Francisco.

To claim he just got in with the wrong crowd sounds disingenuous.

Kilgore seen in the above photo under arrest in California.

Kilgore hid out in Africa for many years since at least 1982, if one refers to his resume. He was arrested in South Africa in 2002, extradited to the U.S. and spent six years in prison for second-degree murder and possession of an explosive device for his role in the robbery.

The U. of I. hiring board, except for one person, knew of his past.

After they university failed to renew his contract. Kilgore’s wife, still a faculty member, and a number of his colleagues, began a push to rehire Kilgore. The board acquiesced.

Kilgore teaches global studies and can do a lot of harm with his slant on the subject.

He helped win a $3 million dollar grant for the university, following in the footsteps of many other university professors who were former domestic terrorists. They make themselves invaluable or make so much noise, the university gives in.

When he was taken into custody in South Africa 12 years ago, he had been living there for more than a decade as Charles William Pape, teaching English at the University of Cape Town.

He was charged with possession of an unregistered explosive device, making false statements in a passport application (he used a dead baby’s birth certificate), and second-degree murder in the death of a bank customer during a 1975 robbery in California. His prison sentence was only   a little under six years – from 2004 to 2009.

It was soon after that that his wife was able to get him into the university as an unpaid employee which he eventually parlayed into a lecturer’s position.

He lied on his resume, leaving out 2002 when he was arrested, to 2009, and claimed he was a freelance writer during that time period when he was imprisoned.

It doesn’t sound like he changed all the much.

Ironically, Christopher Kennedy, the board president who helped make the final decision to rehire Kilgore is the son of the late attorney general Robert F. Kennedy who was assassinated by a radical terrorist.

Christopher Kennedy, soon leaving as U. of I. board chair.

The real criminals are all the leftist faculty that poison the minds of young, naive students and who support the rehiring of domestic terrorists.

Contact U of I trustees on this link.

Source: Chicago Tribune


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