Welcome to Global Governance! Climate Change Agreement Reached


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The US is now responsible for developing poor countries throughout the world. An agreement on the blueprint was reached today by 195 countries.

The draft states: “Developed countries shall provide developing countries with long-term, scaled-up, predictable, new and additional finance, technology and capability-building.”

They are going to slow the pace of climate change. Think of how insane that sounds.

They are going to hold global average temperatures below 1.5 degree C or well below 2 degrees Celsius increase over pre-industrial global temperatures.

There goes progress. Energy will get very expensive.

One objective is “to pursue a transformation towards sustainable development that fosters climate resilient and low greenhouse gas emission societies and economies, and that does not threaten food production and distribution.”

Can’t you just feel the stranglehold of global governance.What is a low greenhouse gas emission economy? It’s a socialist economy.

The deal states “To achieve this, policies and measures should take into account different socio-economic contexts, be comprehensive, cover all relevant sources, sinks and reservoirs of greenhouse gases and adaptation, and comprise all economic sectors [for developed countries].”

Countries like the US will be compelled to consider sustainable development in all “policies and measures” and “in all economic sectors.” They can easily control every aspect of our lives if they choose to do so.

There is a reporting requirement to be updated every five years.

We don’t yet know if the $100 billion a year in wealth transfers starting in 2020 will take a serious form and we don’t know if the “International Tribunal of Climate Justice” will get traction. That remains to be seen. Obama did one thing goo, he said the developing nations must pay into the UN fund. Why would they developing nations give money to the UN so they could get some of it back with a temporary blast of cash from the US?

Hopefully, they won’t.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) posted a copy of the draft agreement on its website. It’s easier to read at NPR.


  • All these is ok, but why always blame US for all the miseries. The UN is to blame, the Vatican is to blame, the Illuminati is to blame, the Trilateral Commission is to blame. The US is actually the MOST abuse country by all these abusers who not only has squeeze money out of the Americans but also have put them in front of the world to be blamed for every single bad did THEY DO.