Welcome to Socialism


Obama smirking According to the White House website, ‘on Wednesday, October 7th, President Obama will join with Act Coworker Org co-founder Michelle Miller at the White House for a lively conversation about the future of work and the importance of worker voice. We’ll be taking your burning questions, ideas and concerns straight to the President!’

The video accompanying the announcement says the workers need to have their voices heard at the bargaining table right up to the boardroom.

What the White House really wants is to encourage unions to increase their assaults on businesses and the taxpayer. It’s Obama’s Socialist policies that have caused more poverty, more out-of-work Americans, more costs in healthcare, and more inequality.

Despite that he is able to sell his Socialist agenda to the unions because the union leadership are Socialist or worse and they want more.

Barack Obama is promising them the world as Socialists do and have done throughout the world. In this video, he mentions retirement savings – that should send up warning signals. He has already put a government takeover of private retirement into the budgets in prior years. We already have meager government retirement with Social Security but the government wants those retirement savings. You will start seeing planted articles in MSN and other Obama outlets to warn us about the “retirement crisis.”

The organization behind this – act worker.org – wants a living wage, they want to grow beards, they want the option of adding tips to Uber fares, overtime for all Starbucks partners, they want to let their tattoos show, pay UN interns with US tax dollars, and generally they want more hours and great pay for menial jobs.

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