Welcoming Socialist Spain Is Mass Deporting African Migrants


More than a hundred and sixty-six Sub-Saharan Africans had forced their way through barbed wire fences into Spanish North African territory. Six hundred more stormed fences, hurling acid and feces and firing homemade flamethrowers at border guards, some were seriously injured.

The so-called refugees were very organized and the assault was well-planned.

They are all being deported.


Spain was giving asylum to migrants who made it to Spanish soil anywhere in the world. The Spanish would house them and then give EU free circulation passes. Most are economic migrants.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently ordered the deportation of large numbers of African migrants who crossed into his country from Spain.

Spain’s new Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez sent them back. The hard-left is accusing him of violating human rights.

“Humanitarianism is not permissiveness,” said Spanish interior minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska before a parliamentary hearing on Wednesday .”Orderly, secure and legal immigration is possible, but not violent migration that threatens our country and its security forces.”

Sanchez began his term by taking in the rejected migrants from Italy, but now, the immigration to Spain has tripled. They’ve decided to strengthen their borders and deport some of the masses coming into the nation.

The chiefs of the militarized Guardia Civil threatened to resign if he didn’t.

One chief speaking anonymously said they have to mass deport these people so more don’t come it.

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