We’re All Foreigners, Journalists, or Co-Conspirators Now



Not withstanding shocking updates and new names (Edward Snowden), if we’re going to be OK with stunning revelations regarding our federal intelligence gathering apparatus, we’ll have to accept some starry-eyed suppositions, especially as they relate to powerful people in D.C.  Here are several such suppositions, followed by a reality check:

Starry-eyed supposition-Our Attorney General, Eric Holder has been completely honest in his testimonies before Congress.  He will, in the future testify in a completely forthright and truthful manner.

Reality check-America’s chief law enforcement officer has previously submitted “amended testimony” in the “Fast and Furious” gun running scandal after his words, delivered under oath, didn’t match the facts.  Last month Holder specifically denied playing a role going after reporters.  Within days his signature was discovered on the warrant allowing access to Fox correspondent James Rosen’s personal e-mails.

Starry-eyed supposition-Unelected bureaucrats, handed tremendous power, will not use their might to over step either their authority or the limitations of our Constitution.

Reality check-Lois Lerner, head of the tax exempt organizations division of the IRS, first staged a Q&A to bury the story that Conservative groups were being targeted by her agency.   Next, she blamed a couple workers in the Cincinnati Office.  Later, Lois pleaded the 5th, refusing to testify before Congress.  She’s now on paid administrative leave.

Reality check-Douglas Schulman, former head of the Internal Revenue Service, and the fellow in charge during almost all of the scandalous behavior was, over the last few years, signed into the White House some 157 times.  Testifying last month, Schulman couldn’t remember very much about anything, including whether he took notes at meetings.  In March of 2012 he was certainly certain about one thing as he swore to Congress, “There is absolutely no targeting.”  Of course he was “wrong”.

Starry-eyed supposition-The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, is honest and can be trusted implicitly, especially when discussing the data collection on his fellow countrymen.

Reality check-On March 12, 2013 Clapper may have lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee. When asked if the NSA collects “any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” he replied,“No sir.”

Starry-eyed supposition-President Obama, and those at the highest levels of his administration will accept responsibility for the 3 budding scandals and offer straight forward answers to questions regarding the IRS, media snooping, and expansive intelligence gathering.

Reality check-Just try following the daily briefings provided by the president’s very own spokesman, Jay Carney.  Within days, sometimes hours, information presented as fact is either disproven or “walked back”.  Carney’s “misleading” comments have become so numerous and obvious,

he’s the butt of endless jokes and focus of frustration for many White House reporters.

Starry-eyed supposition-United States citizens have a right to privacy, and should be free from massive big brother searches of personal info….unless their government can show probable cause.

Reality Check-Given the fed’s very wide “intelligence gathering” net it’s clear, we are all, for the purposes of their intrusive surveillance programs, considered foreigners (see FISA), journalists (see AP phone records), or co-conspirators (see James Rosen).

Even if you’re on board with every single starry-eyed supposition, the final reality check should scare the hell out of you.



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