“We’re Dying! We’re Screwed!” Says AOC on Instagram


“Some people are aghast that we‘ve connected dots between environmental, econ, social, + racial justice in the ,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted last week. The multi-trillion dollar Green New Deal would allow the left-wing to take over every aspect of our lives as Cortez has said in recent appearances. She or her leftist guides also coined a new phrase they are trying to push, ‘climate delayers’.

“Climate delayers aren’t much better than climate deniers,” she insists. “With either one, if they get their way, we’re toast.”

On Instagram live, she said, “we’re screwed,” and we’re all going to die.

“We had time when I was born, but – tick tock – nothing got done. As the youngest member of Congress, I wish we didn’t have 12 years. It’s our lungs that are going to get choked with wildfire smoke…Climate delayers are the new climate deniers.,” she said.

“Twenty years from now and after all coral reefs could be gone in this country,” she continued. “This is an emergency for our country. It’s an emergency for the planet.”

In her tweets, she links to the most extreme, bizarre websites listing so-called facts.

She tweeted today that she’s not a communist: “The GOP is so disconnected from the basic idea that people should be paid enough to live that Fox actually thinks me paying a living wage in my office is ‘communism,’” the highly visible freshman lawmaker from New York tweeted.

She continued: “So the next time GOP screams ‘socialist,’ know that’s their go-to attack for any common-sense, humane policy.”

Her policies are communism. Of that, there is no doubt. She is also backed by some very powerful, deep-pocketed leftists, including the looney Justice Democrats.

Watch the loon:


Mao-Cortez and her allies at Justice Democrats are trying to push all Democrats to join their extreme movement. They either embarrass them or they threaten to primary them.

They heavily edited a video last week to embarrass and pressure Dianne Feinstein. Nothing these people say or do is real. Everything is staged. Going after Feinstein is meant to push her to vote for the GND. Anyone who doesn’t vote for it could be primaried by these lunatics.

As far as AOC, it’s hard to know if she’s stupid, ignorant, insane, or crazy like a fox. Whatever the case, she is ignorant and controlled by the hard-left.

Read about the Feinstein lie on the link:

AOC slams “failing” Feinstein’s proposals as “frankly going to KILL us”

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