We’re Going to Die! Mayor Peter Fear-Mongers for Votes


St. Pete Buttigieg, who likes to quote from Scripture while talking down to everyone, falsely claims we are just a few years away from the point of no return.

Uh, no…


Someone should have told Obama since his $10 million beachfront property is in immediate danger. If these people believed their stories, would they fly around, buy homes on the beach, buy gas-guzzling vans? Wouldn’t the Global Climate Summit have accomplished something without our money to feather their nest? The U.S. didn’t join so money exchanged hands and the other nations have NOT fulfilled the promises they made. It would be nuts to rejoin.

China and India are the biggest polluters, but they get a total pass in the Paris Accord.

It’s interesting to note that St. Pete’s climate adviser took millions from BP. Such a whore.

Voters who believe this are dumb, but we believe they aren’t dumb and see this as a way to overturn our economy. They’re hoping we’re dumb.

Here are more quotes from the hard-left candidate:

“We can’t wait four more years or a minute longer.” ~ Palo Alto, December 16, 2019

“I believe the quest for the carbon negative farm could be as big a symbol of dealing with climate change as the electric car in this country.” ~ 5th Democrat debate [That’s not even possible, by the way.]

“Climate catastrophe is on the horizon–whether this President believes it or not. As President, I will restore American credibility and leadership by rejoining the Paris Accord.” ~ Twitter, 11/5/2019


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