We’re not a democracy under Trump says swamp critter Brennan


Former CIA Director and hysterical conspiracy theorist John Brennan declared that the United States is “no longer a democracy” under the leadership of President Trump [we’re actually a Constitutional Republic].

The man who admits he once voted for a communist for President during the Cold War, never stops torching Trump with the most extreme hyperbole.

He appeared Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd to give analysis on the current state of affairs.

Biased reporter Chuck Todd, smarting after being reamed out by Ambassador Johnson, asked Brennan to describe how a foreign government would see us right now.

Brennan said, “We would look at it as a very corrupt government that is under the sway right now of this powerful individual, who has been able to just corrupt the institutions and the laws of that country.”

“I think it’s no longer a democracy if an autocrat has it in his hands,” Brennan told Todd.

“The democratic principles upon which this country are founded are eroding right now,” Brennan added.

So says the man who lied to Congress and pushes for a one-party government under the far-left Democrats. He has also consistently called for insurrection, a coup against the President.

Radio host Mark Simone tweeted, Jekyll & Hyde – Chuck Todd is berating the Republican guest in his harshest prosecutorial voice, then after the break he talks to dirty Swamp snake John Brennan in his soft phone sex voice. Watch the video. He doesn’t have the decency to even pretend he’s objective.

You can listen to the Ron Johnson interview on this link.

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