We’re Still Erasing Civil War History With PC Fury


confederate soldiers

Another piece of Civil War history is about to bite the dust.

Portsmouth, Virginia is looking to remove a memorial to Virginians who served the Confederacy during the Civil War. It is falling victim to political correctness. There is a battle being waged with most wanting it to stay.

The memorial commemorates those soldiers who never returned home, it does not commemorate slavery, and most soldiers who fought overwhelmingly did not own slaves. It was also over 150 years ago.

The city estimates the taxpayers will have to pay about $105,000 to erase the monument and statues.

The courts will rule on the decision.

Meanwhile at Princeton, university officials are meeting with a student group who want Woodrow Wilson’s name removed from buildings because he was believed to be a racist. He’s been dead since 1924 and served as the school’s president, having contributed much to its success.

This is going on throughout the country, particularly in the south.

In South Carolina, where the first shots of the Civil War rang out in 1861, the state legislature voted to end the display of the Confederate flag on the grounds of the state capitol.

Monuments to the Confederacy in New Orleans  have been targeted. The Park and Recreation Board of Birmingham, Alabama, voted last July to remove that city’s Confederate Soldiers & Sailors monument.

They are even digging up deceased Civil War generals.

On July 7 the Memphis City Council voted unanimously to exhume the body of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest from its 110 year resting place and move it to another location.

His wife will be exhumed as well.

Apple is pulling all Civil War games and the confederate battle flag is getting harder to find.

So, if we erase history, will all finally be well?

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Doug Hagin
Doug Hagin
6 years ago

All part of the destruction of our history and heritage

Mark Hawkins
Mark Hawkins
6 years ago

Why is there these “people” so hell bent on erasing our history. History cannot be erased idiots! So tired of this bullshit.

6 years ago

Stalin would be proud of our new revisionist history; just like the old USSR.