Wes Bellamy Resigns over His Racist Tweets, Remains as Charlottesville Vice Mayor


Wes Bellamy resigned from his teaching position with the Albermarle School District over his past vulgar and racist tweets. He has been on administrative leave. They seem glad to see him go, complimenting his decision.

The anti-Trump activist, who calls the President ’45’, will remain on, racism or not, as Vice Mayor, to influence the community in a more significant role.

Bellamy influenced Charlottesville in his role as Vice Mayor by illegally rescinding the permit for the ‘Unite the Right’ rally, a widely repudiated group. Despite being repudiated, they have a legal, First Amendment right to rally. They went to court with the ACLU supporting them and got their permit back.

The police stood down during the rally. Someone told them to do that. They didn’t do it on their own though the Chief claims they did not stand down.

To get an idea of how he influences Charlottesville, you can listen to him on the video below. Bellamy talks about the rally and Charlottesville’s backing of equity in the video below.

And in the midst of all of this, we also got an equity package passed, which I presented in January, before we had our first vote—and it was unanimously passed—which gave us $950,000 to our African American Heritage Center, $250,000 to build onto one of the parks in the local African-American community…it was about $4 million, basically, from funding, put specifically into marginalized communities to help bridge the gap and create equity.

All of this is about equity. We need equity, and not equality. Those are two different things. Equity is giving everyone what they need in order to have the same playing field. Equality is just giving everyone the same thing. I don’t want equality. I want us to have equity. And we’re going to push for equity in every space, whether that’s public parks, whether that’s in our city budget, no matter where it is, as long as I’m on council. And I’m going to push for it until the day I die.

Equity is a leftist term for disparate impact and reparations.

In a Facebook statement, Bellamy said: “I do not think that returning to the high school this year is the right thing to do for the young people at the high school,” Bellamy said in his statement. “We have to ensure that our students have the best possible learning environment, and I do not want to do anything that will compromise that.”

He also resigned from his spot on the Virginia Board of Education.

His problems began when his racist, homophobic, and sexist tweets from 2011 and 2012 reappeared in 2015.  They are bad and it’s hard to imagine him ever being anything but racist and sexist and anti-gay considering the extreme nature of his comments.

You can read about and see some of his tweets on this link. We hate to repost them – they are that bad.

“I will still be at your games, I will still be at your school events, I will still be there to help you with words of encouragement, and I will still be following closely watching to ensure that you are doing everything that you can do be successful,” Bellamy’s statement said.

In an email, Albemarle County schools said, “We agree with his decision to resign and the focus he placed in his statement on the best interests of his family and our students.”



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Thomas Adair
Thomas Adair
5 years ago

So, this racist dirt bag only loses the rest of his year of teaching and keeps his job as Vice-Mayor? WOW….

This isn’t over by a long shot. The FBI & Justice Department have only just begun. The death of Heather Heyer puts a whole new spin on this little race riot Terry McAuliffe, Wes Bellamy and the rest of those involved set up for the media cameras to catch for the whole world to see.

http://www.boldprogressives.org bussed in militant factions of #Antifa & #BLM for this fiasco so they are as culpable as the City’s Mayor is.

Terry McAuliffe gave the stand down order after the Mayor had the cops lead a peaceful march of a group of NeoNazis, as disgusting as they are, they were peaceful until the police were given the stand down order by Terry McAuliffe when they were attacked by #Antifa & #BLM and the result was Heather Heyer died, 19 others were injured and 2 State Troopers died in a related chopper crash.

Let me repeat that…


Terry McAuliffe and the Mayor set this sick race riot up to divide us. They couldn’t completely do it during the election, so they try to do it with this setup riot.

Did anyone notice how quickly Terry McAuliffe showed up after the Steve Scalise shooting to politicize the gun that was used, not the crazed Bernie supporter that shot Rep. Scalise?

Terry McAuliffe is a sleezebag that has a sick political desire for higher office just like Hillary did and still does and he doesn’t care who he hurts or gets killed to get there. He will stop at nothing to get there UNLESS YOU STOP HIM.

Psynne (@ipsynne)
5 years ago

So, I have read all of this persons tweets. They are disgusting, to say the least. He’s anti-white, pro-rape and just an all around deplorable excuse for a human being. There is no excuse. Some of these things he said just three years ago. Now let me remind you of a person named Paula Dean. A chef who had a TV show and was from the South. She admitted and apologized for using the ‘n’ word when she was a kid. Decades ago. There was nothing that documented her saying it.. she divulged this information of her own free will. This woman was crucified. She lost everything she had worked for. It ended her career. Now tell me why this Bellamy idiot saying much worse a short time ago is okay. Why is he tolerated? That is not equity, that is complete hypocrisy. Do not let this person continue to have any say so over the city of Charlottesville and it’s people. Get rid of him immediately.

5 years ago

What are the odds of Wes Bellamy, a Marxist dirtbag becoming the next mayor of Charlottesville?