WH Compares Socialist Rioters at Trump Rallies to Founding Fathers


Obama’s SPOX Josh Earnest compared the violent protesters in California to the Founding Fathers during a press conference.

“Well, Laura, I think in general there is a long history of and a long tradition of protest in the American political system. In fact, this country was started by a bunch of protesters, some of whom decided that they were pretty unhappy about taxes and threw some barrels of tea in the Boston Harbor. So there’s a history of protest in this country. What the President believes is that we also have a system of government, and there is an opportunity for voters to make their voices heard at the ballot box.”

One reporter asked, “But in a presidential election, outside the United States, the whole world now is watching with quite astonishment what’s happening when Donald Trump is speaking. You don’t think the President has a responsibility to do something about the potential of violence, which is happening now each time Donald Trump is speaking?”

It’s interesting how she phrased it, blaming it on Trump.

Earnest said the following with a straight face.

“Well, I’ll just say, as a general statement, the President has been outspoken on a number of occasions about how our political system, our form of politics in the United States was geared toward resolving conflicts. This is a big, diverse country, and people are going to have different points of view. And we resolve those differences not through violence, not by taking up arms against one another, not by questioning someone else’s patriotism or judging someone based on their religion or their color or who they are, but rather through our system of government, where every citizen has an opportunity to cast a vote and make their voices heard at the ballot box. And that’s how our system of government was designed. And that’s the way that it should work.”

You can listen to it here:

These are the Founding Father types who attended the Trump rallies in California this week:

burning the flag
Found Father types burning the flag
Socialist and Liberation party - Founding Father types
Socialist and Liberation party – Founding Father types

Here are the Founding Father types preventing Trump from exercising his free speech rights. The hate and violence is extreme but it’s not coming from Trump. Unfortunately, comments he made early on are being used to justify this outrageous and criminal behavior from the left.