WH SPOX Makes a Fool of Himself Mocking a Republican Senator


White House spokesperson Josh Earnest engaged in more of his politics of personal destruction against Senator Tom Cotton. It is a successful technique of the Democrats and it’s used to deflect from the serious nature of problems they have created, which in this case is over the Iran nuclear deal.

Earnest mocked Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) Wednesday for proposing an amendment that would prevent the Obama administration from purchasing Iranian nuclear materials using taxpayer dollars.

“Sen. Cotton is certainty no expert when it comes to heavy water. I’m confident that he couldn’t differentiate heavy water from sparkling water,” Earnest said.

Earnest said that Cotton was committed to “undermining the successful implementation” of the Iran deal, as exhibited by his amendment.

The Iran deal is a complete failure and now, because Iran has illegally produced too much heavy water at Arak, their Plutonium plant, the US is buying the excess with tax dollars, giving Iran access to US financial institutions. They are in effect setting them up as salesmen of nuclear fissile material which the nuclear deal allows.

Who is the one who should be mocked? Can Earnest tell the difference between an enemy and an ally?


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