WH SPOX Touts Success of U.S. Strategy Against the JV as Their Recruitment Skyrockets


As ISIS expands its reach, slaughters people in Palmyra and Ramadi, Barack Obama’s spokesperson is talking about the many successes which are left unnamed. It’s really hard to see the successes but Josh Earnest said they are not changing the non-strategy strategy because it’s succeeding.

U.N. report says that 25,000 fighters now come from more than 100 countries with 150 from the United States [of course they will be allowed back into the U.S. as things currently stand.] Recruitment is up by 71% in one year’s time.

The U.N. panel noted that less than 10 percent of basic information to identify foreign fighters has been put in global systems and called for greater intelligence sharing. As a positive example, it noted that the “watch list” in Turkey — a key transit point to Syria and Iraq — now includes 12,500 individuals.


ISIS slaughtered twenty men in front of the amphitheater yesterday. They’ve already mass murdered over 400 women and children. There are bodies lining the streets.

ISIS begun the destruction of the ancient ruins in the city but according to the ibtimes, they will only destroy statues of idols and leave the structures.

The latest U.N. report says that ISIS recruiting now comes from more than half the countries in the world.

But it’s a success! On the same day, Josh Earnest said there’s a lot of success and we have confidence in the strategy. Yay!


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