WH ‘Warrior’ Won’t Let FBI Consider Religion in Terrorism Investigations



The Investigative Project on Terrorism, run by Steve Emerson, is the top data center on Islamic terrorism in the country. In assessing the threat by ISIS, he said the FBI has been hampered by not being allowed to consider religion in their investigations. The terrorists are actively recruiting in Mosques and the FBI is not allowed to monitor them in mosques.

Emerson believes there are 300 to 400 ISIS killers in Syria and Iraq with American passports who can come back whenever they want.

Why can they come back whenever they want? This is insane. They’re traitors who went to fight with terrorists.

We know that is true from my local congressman who spilled the beans about 40 who have already returned which was somewhat confirmed by the White House on Monday.

Watch at the 01:20 mark:

How can the FBI be monitoring them if they can’t watch them in mosques and the terrorists know it?

Emerson told Judge Jeannine Pirro on Fox News this:

The FBI has been handcuffed in terms of investigating religious extremists in mosques, as a result of guidelines put out by the attorney general earlier this year. And so therefore, there is… a definite problem now in investigating those militants in the United States who are either recruiting for ISIS or have returned from Syria or Iraq having fought for ISIS, and are ready to carry out freelance or directed terrorist attacks on behalf of ISIS against the United States…

…the Department of Justice [which] put out guidelines that restricted the FBI and other law enforcement agencies from using religious factors in identifying threats, national security threats to the United States in the homeland.

…we’re seeing ISIS recruiting biophysicists, engineers, social media types, people who have expertise in really carrying out sophisticated terrorist attacks coming back to the United States.

There’s one recruiter that [had been]… picked up [in the past], well identified, in Bloomington, Minnesota at the Al Farooq Mosque. There are recruiters going around the country in other mosques, where they identify potential volunteers. They test them out to see if they’re willing to die on behalf of martyrdom of the cause for Allah. Then they give them cash, they provide money for their families in case they die. They give them tickets to go to Turkey. Turkey has allowed them, hundreds, to go through to Syria, then to Iraq. And we [the U.S.] count Turkey as one of our top allies. We haven’t put [many of] them on the terrorism watch list, which we should. So there’s a major disconnect, Judge, here between what we should be doing to protect the homeland and protect American citizens.

This evening, Fox News’ Catherine Herridge got hold of an FBI and DHS five-page bulletin issued to law enforcement to warn that the overseas bombing raises the danger of lone wolf bombers here in the United States.

Eric Holder admitted today that Khorasan has been on their “radar” for two years which begs the question – why didn’t they do something sooner? I have the answer. The answer is that Khorasan is Al Qaeda and the name probably came from the White House.