What Actually Happened to Justice Scalia the Night He Died



Questions and concerns arose after Justice Scalia’s death because the owner of the ranch where he died, a Mr. Poindexter, said that he was found in bed with a pillow over his head. In addition, there was no autopsy. As we now know, the FBI declined to investigate after speaking with the Marshals on the scene.

A sheriff’s incident report linked below shows nothing appeared out of place around the bed where Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead.

The Presidio County Sheriff’s Department report obtained by The Washington Post late Tuesday shows that three pillows were stacked to elevate Scalia’s head. A top pillow appeared to have toppled onto his eyes and forehead but didn’t appear positioned to impede his breathing.



His arms were at his side atop the bed covers, which were pulled up to his chin. A breathing apparatus was on the nightstand, but it wasn’t hooked up to Scalia. The bed covers were smooth and creased and showed no sign of a struggle.

His suitcase was open and contained neatly folded clothing. On the kitchen counter rested a blue stretch exercise band.

A letter from the Supreme Court’s doctor says Antonin Scalia suffered from coronary artery disease, obesity and diabetes, among other ailments that probably contributed to the justice’s sudden death at age 79. He would have been 80 next month.

The FBI spoke to the Marshals on the scene and refused to become involved as a result.

fbi refused to become involved

The family definitely did not want an autopsy and made that clear to those on the scene. He was embalmed that very night.

The family was very upset that there was speculation about how he died and whether he had been murdered but they contributed to that themselves by refusing an autopsy. He was an important and controversial man in the world, not just their loved one.

Farewell to a great man who brought the Supreme Court back to its constitutional origins for however short-lived that might be.



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