What Americans Say About Impeaching Trump


A new poll asks Americans if they want Trump impeached. As it turns out, they don’t! Although that could easily be reversed by our corrupt media if they put their minds to it.

This might explain why some Democrats are backing off the calls for impeachment — for now.

Unfortunately, the polls show House Democrats are in the lead and that will destroy President Trump’s presidency for the next two years.

The poll from Quinnipiac University is probably garbage since they polled 9 percent more Democrats than Republicans.

According to the garbage poll, Democrats hold a 52-38 advantage over Republicans when voters are asked which party they would rather support in a congressional election, which is a slight uptick from last month.

Democrats have a 15-point lead among independents.

The Quinnipiac University national poll showed that 56 percent of voters — including 61 percent of independents — said they are not on board with the impeachment from liberal Democrats. Since it’s heavily weighted towards Democrats, the numbers are likely higher.

President Trump’s successes are ignored by the media and he is constantly pummeled by them with lies and misrepresentations. Any congressman who supports him is called a racist. Democrats are now far-left and they count felons, illegal aliens, criminal aliens as protected members of their support base.

If this poll is anywhere near accurate, Americans are now willing to vote for open borders, higher taxes, heavy regulations, the annihilation of the First and Second Amendments, and an end to investigations of illicit activities by the DOJ and the FBI. They are the party of Stormy Daniels, now dubbed the “chief resistor” by her fellow Democrats. They are the party of Mad Maxine Waters and Antifa.

The United States faces a dark future.

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