What Socialist America Will Look Like



The United States’ Constitution is the last stand and Americans had better start fighting for it before it slips away. We are surrounded by nations run by communists, socialists, and dictators. The best and freest nations other than the U.S. are in Europe and they aren’t free at all. They also aren’t very prosperous. Germany is the best of the EU and serves as a good example of what it means to move towards Socialism.

Look at some of the taxes and other hardships one writer for the Examiner listed in June, 2014 after living in Germany for years:

There is a 20% sales tax on everything. There is a TV tax, radio tax, dog tax, 50% death tax for many, taxes overall total of about 65% of one’s income. If you don’t survive, there is always welfare.

There is no Central Air. They use dinky radiator-heaters in winter.

Gasoline is $7-$10 dollars a gallon because of government taxes, taxes Mr. Obama dreams of.

People can’t afford mortgages unless they are 50-year mortgages.

Consumers have no rights.

Closets do not exist.

You can’t wash your car in your own driveway and must go to an environment-friendly car wash and pay through the nose for it. Every item of garbage you throw out must be color-coded.

You must get government approval before you register your child’s name on a birth certificate.

There are no gun rights.

Hunting and fishing requires government-mandated training, tests, fees, licenses, permits and endless other restrictions.

It is illegal to have extreme views and they get to decide what is extreme. Flipping someone off is a crime.

They have banned two-thirds of the top 1,000 YouTube videos.

It costs thousands of dollars to get a license and own a car. There are speed cameras everywhere and everyone must have a $1 million of auto insurance.

Germans only work 36-39 hours a week, the French work 35 hours.

I’ve been to Europe a number of times and lived in Italy for nine months.  I can tell you that everything this writer says is true. In The Netherlands, you have to pay taxes to park your car in your own driveway. In Germany, people live on top of one another. Throughout Europe, the showers run cold and have little pressure. The washers and dryers take several hours and do a terrible job. There are no second job opportunities and there is no bettering oneself by working harder.

This is what Mr. Obama and his leftist adherents want for you.

In Maryland, they have banned school car washes because of faux environmental issues. Massachusetts has towns that ban the selling of soda in government buildings and cupcakes in schools.

Mr. Obama wants our guns and he wants to destroy the fossil fuel industry at grave expense to Americans. Leftists will never be satisfied with the taxes they want to levy until they can tax no more. They say they don’t want to nationalize industries but they do want to tax and regulate every pillar of industry until they might as well be nationalized.

We are losing our free speech at the altar of PC.

The irony of all this is some of the Socialist countries like Sweden and Denmark which radical Bernie Sanders wants to emulate are running away from Socialism. They are privatizing industries and opening up their markets to free trade.

Under this administration and a Clinton administration, we will one day soon be Socialist Europe or worse. I’m betting worse.


  1. It’s terrifying that socialists are allowed to vote. They don’t understand that socialism is just communism lite. I actually heard a fellow student at school who had drank the Sanders kool aid. He said that communism/socialism is a good idea, and he called his dad an a**hole because he doesn’t agree with him.

  2. I don’t think many Americans understand Socialism.
    I have many EU friends & they actually sympathize with us because we Don’t have socialism. Really!
    Yet they can’t get a job; they can’t buy a smart phone. They don’t have a car.
    Yet there’s no malcontent. Placid as sheep. They almost seem brainwashed.

    I believe Socialism is gaining momentum from the 18-30 year old majority.
    They do have a reason to seek a “safe haven”. Jobs are scarce. College grads are a dime a dozen. We need plumbers!
    I do believe education for everyone is a good thing. But let there be tradesman.

    I would like to know the evolution of Socialism; how it has changed over the years. .
    Elaine Dodd

  3. Under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama & through his powers of executive privilege, he has created the foundation for the Islamic State. Obama destroyed the U.S. Constitution & he is in favour of Islamic Sharia Law. Yeah! Every American citizen will be forced to bow down to Allah or be beheaded by radical Islam. Take a hard look at the world around you & judge for yourself about the destructive powers of Islamic rule. It’s brainwashing in the extreme & Louis Ferrakhan of the Nation of Islam can preach the destruction of the USA from within America. I am really sorry, America will fall like the Roman Empire, and from the dark forces such as Islam within the USA.

  4. Today the United States is plagued with fools who think what they are doing is wise–government leaders who advocate drastic military reductions, disarmament, appeasement, schemes for redistributing wealth through confiscatory taxation, class warfare, and burgeoning bureaucracy that smothers personal initiative, and citizens who enthusiastically support such policies. Free enterprise, privacy, and liberty disappear with greedy, self-aggrandizing people who yearn for power and security.

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