What Bloodthirsty ISIS Killers Miss


Aspiring bloodthirsty killers from the West who have joined ISIS are not happy about the loss of their luxury items.



The Middle East Media Research Institute analyzes social media for information on the terrorist group and found that they miss Starbucks, don’t like the rude help at beauty salons, lousy restaurants, slow Internet, bad cell service, among other things.

“ISIS champions its state as the only place in which Muslims can fully adhere to their faith and enjoy sharia-compliant Islamic life,” reads an introduction to MEMRI’s report, provided to FoxNews.com. “…However, sometimes ISIS members have been overly candid in their postings; when this happens, others often quickly step in and ask that the dissenting post be removed. Such grumblings provide glimpses into Western ISIS members’ discontent with life in the Islamic State.”

“I know it may be shirk [idolatry] but sometimes I do miss Starbucks.The coffee here is beyond wretched.”

“There are salons but, trust me, you’re better off getting a sister here to do your hair/make-up etc., for two reasons,” read the response. “The style here isn’t really that nice and their makeup most of the time goes toward the clowny look”

Green Bird of Dabiq whose tweet started off this post is now complaining about the Western women complaining about the food so she tweeted a photo of one of her lovely meals.

If I saw it in the street, I’d step over it.

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