What Brennan, Mahmoud & Nike Have In Common — They Hate Our Flag


Nike’s 30th Anniversary celebration was launched with an ad campaign celebrating Colin Kaepernick’s dishonoring of the symbols of our nation.

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan and the former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad joined the hate America/anti-police campaign with Nike.

Make no mistake, the Nike/Kaepernick protest isn’t about oppression and so-called police brutality, it’s about a movement from the hard-left aimed at dishonoring the flag, the anthem and spreading the false narrative that all cops run around trying to kill black youth. The people behind the movement, not necessarily the NFL players, are intent on hurting or destroying our belief system.

If it was about police brutality, they would protest outside police stations.

The leftists definitely want to eliminate the anthem from the games. It’s a goal of the Marxist cultural revolution. Tearing down statues has the same purpose.

The left tries to say any opposition to the protest comes from racists. That’s merely another one of their tactics to silence the opposition.

Kaepernick is probably a useful idiot for the cause that is pushed by the hard-left. Watch Tucker at the end.


It’s laughable to think Ahmadinejad would allow this type of protest against the Iranian flag in his country. Nike is on the same page as Ahmadinejad who wants to destroy the US, the UK, and Israel — for starters.

Brennan is a Communist, at least he was, and probably still is one. He’s also a Trump hater and would be against anything aimed at making America great again. This is who Nike aligns with.

James Woods has a suggestion below. It’s hard to know if a global company like Nike can suffer a financial loss but we need to keep hitting their fake image. They’re anti-American.


This is a movement that has nothing to do with oppression for the leaders of it, the very people who want to oppress us all.

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