What Democrats Are Now Admitting And Demanding That Could Destroy America


The Democratic candidates bared all on the debate stage last night. Everyone except Jim Webb was trying to act more Socialist than the next.

The Democratic Party is completely out in the open, just as the media is. They are no longer the party I was a member of for two decades. They want to continue excessive spending and taxing, give away free college, free medical leave, universal healthcare, keep the borders open, destroy wealth and not one mentioned how to promote jobs, and on and on. They want to do all this at the expense of other Americans in what only can be described as theft.

What they want to do can only be accomplished by force. If a Democrat wins, forget freedom, self-reliance, the American Dream and welcome in Socialism and Communism when Socialism isn’t enough to satiate their need to spend other peoples’ money.

The parasitic Sanders, who lived off unemployment until he secured an elected position, knows the benefits of living like a whore.

Hillary isn’t any better. She is without a moral core and has changed every ideal she ever claimed she had.

Lamont Hill
Lamont Hill

Lamont Hill, a far-left extremist-professor-pundit, can’t understand why we wouldn’t all love this new ideology which they euphemistically call “Socialism”.

Hill calls himself a Progressive. Make no mistake, Progressives are Socialists and Communists.

Go to Newsbusters for the entire story but here are a few clips [Hillary isn’t far-left enough for him.]:

“I mean, she’s playing to people’s insecurities and their fears, and people often vote their fears rather than their dreams. Bernie Sanders has a vision of the world that resonates with most people. It’s a populist vision. He’s not a radical Leninist. He’s not a person trying to impose a radical or despotic dictatorship. He’s a democratic socialist. That’s a fancy way of saying he’s a real liberal. He wants companies to be accountable. He wants government to be accountable. And he wants everyday working people to be okay.”

He added:

“But the problem is, because he’s used that label, “democratic socialist,” Hillary Clinton knows that she can play to the cheap seats, and she can play to people’s insecurities and say, “Hey, wait a minute, Bernie wants to make us another country, Bernie wants to make us something other than what Americans are, which is unfettered, free market fundamentalists.” That’s the problem here. Americans want working people to have a chance. Americans do think it’s unfair that CEOs make so much more — sometimes thousands and tens of thousands more than their workers.”

Hill ended on note of wondering why the word “socialism” is viewed so negatively:

“‘But, for some reason, that word ‘socialism’ is a trigger for people, and Hillary is wisely playing on it for a political perspective.'”

Who wouldn’t want to turn over all our freedoms, all our power, all our money to a corrupt Big Government that actually wants to share it worldwide via the corrupt UN?

Just so you know what you are dealing with, check out what he said in April.

“For the last three days I’ve been in contact with Baltimore gang members who say we’re putting together truces, we’re no longer going to be fighting each other, we’re going to organize and protest,” Hill said.

“I’m talking about organized peaceful resistance from gang members, Bloods, Crips, other people who put their guns down and say we’re going to organize for justice,” he added.

Hill said when the final story of Baltimore is told, “I hope it’s one of resistance, I hope it’s one of uprising, but it’s also one of on a community that’s decided they we have had enough.”


The entertainment media is much the same. Listen to what Joy Behar said on The View to the enjoyment of her colleagues.

BEHAR: “I thought that Bernie was so menschy in that moment like a real guy. I actually am aroused by him. I’m serious. I find him to be eye candy, not ear candy, eye candy.”

COLLINS: “He turns you on?”

BEHAR: “I like an old Jewish guy who’s a socialist. That’s my type of guy. Everybody is talking about O’Malley and how hot he was, but to me Bernie is hot.”


  1. these women on the view are retarded ….the dumbest women I have ever seen in my life….how can anyone be for hillery Clinton ?… she is a liar, criminal, and flips on her policies more than anyone I’ve ever seen …wow

  2. Communist Party USA boss John Bachtell boasted in a column (January 2015) that his Marxist-Leninist organization, a tentacle of the Soviet regime in America for decades, “utilizes” the increasingly radical Democratic Party to advance its totalitarian objectives in the United States. Writing in the Communist Party propaganda mouthpiece People’s World, Bachtell suggested that, eventually, a “radical third party” would become a viable option to advance communism in America. However, for now, he argued, fending off what he calls the “ultra-right” — essentially anyone to the right of Obama, whom American communists openly backed in both elections — requires the CPUSA to continue utilizing the Democrat Party as a “vehicle.” (source: http://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2015/02/06/communist-party-admits-infiltration-takeover-of-democratic-party/ )

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