What Ever Happened to Cindy Sheehan?


Remember how the lamestream media trotted out Cindy Sheehan almost every day to lambast George Bush and his Wars?

If you recollect, she lost her son in the Iraq war and became the most vocal advocate for the anti-war movement. She was a symbol of the anti-war movement. What better than using someone who lost a child? Code Pink loved her.

Have you noticed that the anti-war people are rather silent under Obama? I have. The war dead are not trotted out before us each day, and how many of us even know the death toll? We knew about every death when George Bush was President. Remember how we continuously saw the coffins being brought home? Now, Obama has banned taking pictures of the recent war dead – not sure if that’s permanent, but it wouldn’t have happened at all when Bush was President.

I am not preaching for or against these wars, but what I am saying is that the media made sheeple out of us and USED Cindy Sheehan to convey their anti-Republican message. Now that the wars are Obama’s wars, we hear little. When we do hear something, it’s more in praise or disinterest.

The lamestream press has made sheeple of us.

I did find Cindy by the way. She is in Hiroshima at an anti-nuke/peace conference. You just won’t hear about it in the news much, if at all, until a Republican wins the office if that ever happens again.

Click here if you want to know the number of deceased military.



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