What I Want to Thank God For on This Thanksgiving Holiday


We here at Sentinel are of course grateful for the First Responders, the firefighters, the Police, and our military for protecting us at great risk to their own well-being. We are so thankful to teachers, doctors, workers, immigrants [legal], and all those who stand for our freedoms.

Here at the Sentinel, we are grateful to President Trump, his family, and his staff who sacrifice so much to save our country from socialism and communism. Mostly, we are grateful for our families and other loved ones.

America is the greatest country on earth because of the remarkable opportunities to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness outlined by our brilliant Founding Fathers. Everyone in this country is lucky.

We are grateful for the food we eat and the shelter over our heads and the many comforts we are afforded. And thank God for Americans who support this great country’s founding ideals.

Especially, we are grateful for all of you who read the Sentinel. Thank you so much. We feel like we have friends and compatriots in these dark times in our country. Our efforts go into researching and if we make mistake, please let us know. It is our hope to bring you interesting stories.

There is no profit in this website, our reward comes from you, the readers.

Let us know if they aren’t.

Most of all, we are grateful to God. Personally, I’m thankful for the religion that has brought me to God. As a Catholic, I am sometimes disappointed in the mortals who don’t follow God’s will within the religion, but for me it is the religion that gives me spirit.

Let’s all be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.~ Marcel Proust

Gob bless you and may God’s love always light your way.


All our freelancers

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