What Idiots Say About American Sniper


breaking box office

First off, before getting into the idiots, the following is the reaction of normal Americans:

reaction to american sniper

American Sniper has broken box office records with a $150 million dollar weekend.

The left can’t take it and are spewing hate for American hero, Chris Kyle. You’d think they’d notice that the box office blockbusting puts them out of touch with most of America.

The leftists in Hollywood can’t have an American hero praised in any way so they are in full attack mode, tearing down Clint Eastwood, Chris Kyle, star Bradley Cooper, the movie and even the baby in the movie.

The poster in the movie is being mocked as a recruitment poster.

According to TheWrap, a piece in The Guardian by author Lindy West criticized Kyle this way: “The real American Sniper was a hate-filled killer. Why are simplistic patriots treating him as a hero?

Who is simplistic?

“He seems like he may be a sociopath,” one Academy member told TheWrap, adding he had not yet seen the film but had read the article, which is being passed around.

Hollywood is a sewer of sociopaths and narcissists.

Michael Moore weighed in mighty heavily on his Facebook page, no pun intended:


I’d like to see him in a room with a sniper and see who the coward is.

He wrote a lot more of this dribble which can be found on his Facebook page.

He even tweeted out a lie.

Moore lying

The only people called savages in the film were terrorists.

Michael Moore wants everyone to go out and see Selma this week so go out and see American Sniper instead.

I think this fellow has it right:

reply to moore

Seth Rogen, who just had the country behind him when the North Koreans attacked his idiotic film, The Interview, compared an American hero to a NAZI:

seth rogen

Seth Rogen doesn’t just play an idiot, he’s actually an idiot. Next time the North Koreans go after him or his film, send them his address.

David Burge hit the proverbial nail:


You can’t get too much further from traditional American and heroism than a leftist.

The left-wing even insulted the choice of a beautiful baby:

they think the baby's too good looking

An ugly baby would have been a much better choice.

The good news is Chris Kyle’s widow is overwhelmed. She said she misses him very much.

Mrs. Kyle

God bless Chris Kyle: