WHAT!!! Joy Reid Doesn’t Know If She Wrote Those Anti-Gay Things!


JoyAnn Reid just had her Daily Beast column suspended after word of her anti-gay, homophobe blog comments were exposed for a second time. She has come up with various excuses for them but this last one can’t possibly fly with any normal, sane person with an IQ above a turnip.

She doesn’t think she wrote those nasty things although she is not sure. Someone else must have done it. She even carried this nonsensical story to Anthony Weiner levels and had her lawyers check to see if the Wayback Machine was hacked.

Wayback did not like her accusing them of being hacked and came back at her.

Do listen to her absurd tale and then read the true story.


Joy Reid once, The Reid Report, which she used to make some anti-gay remarks. Four months ago, she apologized. She had a change of heart and decided to lie but was caught. It is once again an issue.

Reid said anti-Trump homophobes hacked the archived posts on her blog and put those homophobe posts up.

The nonprofit internet library, the Wayback Machine challenged MSNBC host Joy Reid’s claim that someone added anti-gay material to an archived version of her now-defunct blog, BuzzFeed reported.

She blamed Wayback and they will have none of it.

In a statement, the Internet Archive said that it had investigated the liberal commentator’s assertion in December 2017, following a request from her attorneys.

“When we reviewed the archives, we found nothing to indicate tampering or hacking of the Wayback Machine versions,” read the statement attributed to Internet Archive officer manager Chris Butler. “At least some of the examples of allegedly fraudulent posts provided to us had been archived at different dates and by different entities.”

Reid first publicly claimed that an “external actor” had “gained access to and manipulated” her old blog in a statement to Mediaite Monday. According to the Internet Archive, Reid’s lawyers were unclear whether they believed the alteration had happened prior to the original site being taken down from the internet or within the Wayback Machine itself.

Meanwhile, she already confessed in December.

The newly surfaced posts, from 2005–2007, make reference to Anderson Cooper — who came out in 2012 — as “the gayest thing on TV,” state that “most straight people cringe at the sight of two men kissing,” and recount that the author was unable to attend Brokeback Mountain, a love story about two cowboys, because she “didn’t want to watch the two male characters having sex.”

Her cyber expert has now gone underground and she should also.

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5 years ago

Freaking Progressives. There is a name for what MSNBC and Joy Reid are dealing with right now, i.e., KARMA! Progressives are always accusing others of that which they themselves are guilty. Even crazier is that it eventually comes out. Reid deserves everything that comes her way.

“Wayback did not like her accusing them of being hacked and came back at her.”

Too funny.

5 years ago

People need to exercise their minds. Use it or lose it. People need to get up and take walks or do other physical activities. It also applies to the mind. People that use these awful information sources are not exercising their minds and have reduced ability to reason. Watching these networks is the mental equivalent of sitting around all day eating junk food.

5 years ago

When will we see the calls for advertiser boycotts like they did to Laura Ingram?….oh I forgot there is a double standard for the libs.