What Mexicans Say About Streams of Armed ‘Caravans’ Admitted into Mexico


The migrants will keep coming undeterred by the 5200 soldiers on the border. They aren’t worried at all and they needn’t be.

The anonymous foreigners know the soldiers can only do administrative work. According to the law, the military can do very little other than assist in the transportation of migrants once they cross the border into the US.

Elvis, one of the migrants who was deported after being arrested in the U.S., told Griff Jenkins, “No one will stop me” and if he can’t get asylum, he will cross illegally.


Groups keep amassing at the Guatemala border and eventually break through. Groups are also forming in El Salvador. The groups appeared to be inspired by the success of the groups nearing the border.

Eleven buses are moving some of the migrants from one town to the next and have been doing that all along. Trucks are also used. The women and children are being put in front and they will be on the front lines when they cross our borders. Cartels always do that to overwhelm the border patrol agents.

No one in the media is the least bit curious about who is funding the groups and the buses, arranging for trucks and feeding the often violent travelers along the way.

They will all cross illegally.

Two days ago, hordes broke through gates to get to Mexico on their journey to the USA, but any who didn’t get through made it via the Sacchiate River. It’s a now-constant flood of fake refugees.


After all the violence and threats by the migrating mobs, Mexico lets them pass. One person commenting on the video below says, “migrating is a right” but not in a large caravan.

The Central Americans broke through the gates and swam the river. They are on their way and more caravans are forming.

Mexican people commented on the video below and their comments are very interesting [it’s a somewhat rough Google translation].

One Mexican commenter wrote: All this will bring consequences with the passage of time to leave the free passage to this ball of parasites from the south and center of America, if there is already a lot of crime in Mexico now it will get much worse, people take care of their children because they are shits are very known for organ trafficking and prostitution.

Another wrote: …one day the migrants throw stones at them and destroy everything that is within reach of the Mexican police and the next day they pass by as if nothing happened.

And still another Mexican said: It is sad to see that Mexico does not enforce its laws, that is why the country is getting worse every day. How to trust those people who have already done harm does not realize the authority they say to flee from violence and crime when they have shown that They are the same!

This Mexican nailed it: What is this an invasion? Singing their hymn and violating, that’s not migrating, if they had done things in a peaceful way I would believe that they are good people but here there is something murky violence

Commenters also said the wounded Mexican police were not even named — given short shrift by the media. Others say the “delinquents” are destroying things along the way.

One woman named Dora said, Shame for educated people, good and God will take care, they say they go with God, ahhh God will never bless if they did not follow the law.


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  1. And the people in the caravans are right. They will get all in if they really want.
    It’s unbelievable. The most powerful country on earth and such a loser about immigration. They are at risk to become a victim like you saw that in Europe.

  2. I must say that I was quite surprised myself after viewing the translation of the comments. People are mad as hell which means that President Trump is on the right side of history.

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