What MSM didn’t mention about Melania facing boos in Baltimore


First Lady Melania Trump faced boos and cheers when middle and high school children assembled in their school auditorium to hear her speak about the opioid crisis. Some were angry over President Trump’s comments about the rat infestation in Baltimore and took it out on Mrs. Trump.

The media loved it, never commenting on how rude the children were and what poor lessons they have learned.

“Melania Trump is booed while speaking to students in Baltimore,” The Washington Post’s headline babbled happily.

The New York Times tooted, “Melania Trump Is Booed While Addressing Students in Baltimore.”

She was indeed booed. There were cheers too, but mostly boos.

Ignoring the boos, Melania Trump gallantly delivered her speech, smiling. The hate media didn’t mention that.

“Promoting education and awareness on these issues will always be one of my top priorities,” she told the students. “I am in this fight with you and I am fighting for you. I encourage you, if you are struggling with addiction right now, reach out for support — whether it’s a teacher, parent, friend, grandparent, coach or pastor, talk to an adult in your life that you trust. It is never too late to ask for help.”

“I know each one of you has hopes and dreams for the future, whether it is college, joining the military, or playing a sport. Your future will be determined by the choices you make,” she added. “Using drugs will only slow you down and prevent you from achieving those goals.”

By the time she finished, most of those present were on her side. That is according to those present. But the media won’t tell you that.

“But by the end of the speech, all of the adults agreed, the kids were booing less,” The Post reported.

“They listened, and they even clapped,” Danielle Whitmore, a parole and probation worker, told the outlet.

It is still very inappropriate for children to react this way. But that might not be what they are taught. The hard-left teaches them to ‘protest’ and that often ends up teaching disrespect. The children should have understood that this was an honor, regardless of their politics. Some people fell down on the job.

Loud cheers could be heard as Trump finished her speech at 05:30. on the mark in the next clip. There were also some more boos, but she reached most of the children on a critical topic. What the media should have been concerned about is that some of these children will be dead before their schooling is finished because of the opioid crisis. The media, in this case, is the enemy of the people and of these children. They are teaching disrespect and ignoring the tragedy.

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