What One PUBLIC High School Did to Promote Hillary Clinton


Students at Marshwood High School in South Berwick in Maine received an email from the Clinton campaign – urging them to sign up for positions as unpaid “fellows”.

“Hillary for New Hampshire is looking for smart, energetic winter fellows who are committed to winning the New Hampshire primary for Hillary Clinton,” read the email from a campaign staffer. “Everyone working on the campaign now started off as a fellow at some point so it is a great way of getting a different skill set whilst helping an important cause.”

The Principal sent this to one concerned family who complained:

“We often receive information from outside sources regarding opportunities for students to get involved in their communities,” he wrote. “We pass on this information to provide students with ways they may meet the requirement to perform 50 hours of community service to graduate.”

“If other ‘campaigns’ were to seek volunteers, we would pass that on also,” he noted.

Sure. In any case, no campaigns should be allowed to do this.

One unhappy parent told Fox News, “If you want to campaign for someone – that’s fine – but that’s between the child and the parents,” she said. ‘That’s not for the campaign to target you at school and it’s not for the school to suggest to you. That’s between you and your parents.”

Meanwhile a new Inspector General’s scathing report will say that the State Department’s search for documents during Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s tenure contributed to “inaccurate and incomplete” responses under federal open records laws, including the existence of her private email account.

The department did not meet statutory and regulatory requirements – consistently,  Yahoo News reported.

The IG report also said that the State Department covered up the existence of Hillary’s private email server for years even though senior officials knew about it.

There’s someone we need to promote in our schools!

Hillary likes to pretend she is transparent. She’s not and she was also incompetent as secretary of state.

Here she is in Iowa sounding unpleasant.

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