What Really Happened at the Million Vet March in DC


we tore down that wall

Soldier waving flag after the Barry-cades were removed from the Lincoln Memorial

The media has taken isolated incidents from the Million Vet March on the DC Memorials and tried to say that they were representative of the rally. One MSNBC commentator said that there were a couple hundred people at the rally when in fact there were between 5,000 and 10,000. She also said they were racist because one man had a confederate flag. He was the only one with the flag.

The incidents making the news are: one person at the rally apparently had a confederate flag; Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch said Mr. Obama should lay down his Koran; and there were some Impeach Obama signs. I don’t really have a problem with the Impeach Obama signs. I think it’s a good idea.

The media attacks take these isolated incidents and make them into the story and they then get to dismiss what really happened at the rally. There were no arrests and the only violence came from the riot police who were, at times, very aggressive. The rally was entirely peaceful and the mall was left immaculate unlike the condition of the places where Occupiers camped out.

The attendees prayed, sang patriotic songs, gave speeches about their love of country and of their fellow soldiers, and they removed the Barry-cades from the war memorials. That’s what the event was about and that’s what happened..

They were not Tea Party ralliers though I heard some were there. They were military. The Gadsden flag is a military flag, not a Tea Party flag though they have renewed its popularity of late. It was the first US flag, a variation of it was the first Navy flag and it stands for independence and freedom.

The following video encapsulates the mood at the event:

The next video gives an excellent explanation of what happened and why: