The Media Won’t Tell You What Happened to the Man Beaten Unconscious at Berkeley


The media hasn’t even bothered to ask what happened to the man beaten unconscious during the U.C. Berkeley riots. The riots are being covered up by Berkeley and by the media.

We had to search to find out what happened to him because the media didn’t care. He’s okay. He confirmed it to Gavin McInnes.

The idiot criminal bragged about it but his account was suspended after getting doxxed.

So I guess this is the #Antifa leader who assaulted the guy.

If that guy died this guy is in the deepest of shit!@teen_archer

ur Fucked!

— 0 (@Republican__Man) February 2, 2017

There is an enormous cover up of the violence at U.C. Berkeley. The mainstream media is barely showing the violence, Bloomberg blamed the speaker Milo Yiannopoulos, and Robert Reich, Communist and former Labor secretary under Clinton, said the violent anarchists were probably right wingers.

Black Bloc, the leaders of the violence, well-known in Oakland, are antifa’s, anti-fascists, but they are fascists themselves. Their acronym should stand for anti First Amendment. They are violent left-wing fascists.

There is massive coverup going on over UC Berkeley riot. There was almost no mention of it on liberal sites like reddit, nor any liberal MSM. There was a bit of coverage on FOX.

It appears that the University Chancellor told the campus police not to get involved, and the Berkeley Mayor told the city police not to get involved. After a few hours of protest, police showed up as the crowds dispersed. This was after causing massive property damage and acts of violence.

After the rioters dispersed more than ten unmarked white vans showed up and people began cleaning up the streets, trying to make the damage appear less severe.

An interesting side note to all this is that George Soros’s son attends U.C. Berkeley, and California is a leftist state that supports illegal immigration. California is also home to most tech giants like Apple, Microsoft and many others, and they don’t want their state to get any media coverage that makes them look like the violent leftists they are.

This is a massive coverup with huge financial backing.

We’ve included two videos of the man being beaten into unconsciousness and being hit as he lay on the ground.

While the one man is unconscious, another is being beaten with poles. Bricks were also used. As they are being chased and beaten, the crowd yells, “beat his ass”.

The biggest lie and cover up comes from CNN and Communist Robert Reich

Reich said there were rumors they were right-wingers and then claimed U.C. Berkeley was completely supportive of free speech. He wouldn’t bet against it being a plot by right-wingers. He would have us believe that Trump supporters were beaten by other Trump supporters and Berkeley is a bastion of free speech. They spit out Milo Yiannopoulos’s and Breitbart’s names to add to the condemnation of innocent people with whom they disagree.

Others being beaten with antifa flags

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