What the US Government Won’t Tell You About the Prisoner Swap With Iran – Updated


released prsioners

Hours before the United States handed over tens of billions to Iran, Iran released four U.S. Prisoners: Jason Rezaian, journalist,  Amir Hekmati, US Marine, Saeed Abedini, pastor, Nassadallah Khasav and possibly a student named Matthew Trevithick. Only three of the hostages have flown out of Iran. None of these people did anything wrong and they were swapped for men who were guilty of supporting Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran is still holding al least four other innocent Americans hostages in Iran, Catherine Herridge said. There are no promises that they will be returned in the future. One is a simple businessman, another was Ron Levinson who was a former vacationing FBI agent. A photo of Levinson four years ago is believed to have been sent by the Revolutionary Guards.

Another 14 wanted by Interpol will also be freed.

Herridge said this had everything to do with the nuclear deal though Kerry is trying to say there were two tracks. He doesn’t want you to believe your lyin’ eyes event though this was obviously staged.

Kirsten Powers on the other hand said it had nothing to do with the deal and was a hostage exchange for criminal prisoners.

Watch the Herridge report:

It’s wonderful that these men have been released! Words cannot express that enough, however, you should know what kind of deal our top negotiators made, in addition to giving Iran tens of billions, their money which was frozen but some of which now includes interest from US banks.

The Obama administration said they released seven who violated sanctions but what they won’t tell you is some did  much more than that, they illegally sold and stole goods and software used for military or nuclear purposes in some cases, and one was one of those students we let in on a visa.

These sanctions were designed to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

First of all, it’s not seven, it’s eight plus another 14 wanted by Interpol for a total of 21. Earlier this year, the administration released a very high profile, top scientist which they obviously didn’t want associated with this release but who was part of this deal.

We still don’t have Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent who went missing eight years ago from the Iranian resort of Kish Island.

IRNA also reported that the United States in exchange also released seven Iranians held in US prisons. The source named Nader Madanlou, Bahram Mekanik, Khosro Afghahi, Arash Qahreman, Touraj Faridi, Nima Golestaneh and Ali Saboonchi as the seven Iranian nationals who have been released.

Araxh Qahreman, a naturalized U.S. citizen and former Iranian national, was convicted by a federal jury of violations of U.S. export and money laundering laws, arising from his involvement in a scheme to purchase marine navigation equipment and military electronic equipment for illegal export to, and end-use in, Iran.

Nader Modanlo, a/k/a Nader Modanlou, a/k/a Nader Modanlu, age 53, of Potomac, Maryland, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Iran, was sentenced by a federal judge to eight years in prison followed by three years of supervised release for conspiring to illegally provide satellite related services to Iran in violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, two counts of violating the Iran Trade Embargo, money laundering and obstruction of bankruptcy proceedings. Judge Messitte also ordered Modanlo to forfeit $10 million.

Bahram Mekanik was charged with facilitating the illegal export of high-tech microelectronics, uninterruptible power supplies and other commodities to Iran in violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA). Arrested along with him was Khosro Afghahi and his nephew Touraj Faridi.

All three, allegedly naturalized citizens, were members of an Iranian procurement network that supported that country’s nuclear and defense agencies.

Nima Golestaneh, a university student from Iran hacked into the computer system of a Vermont aerodynamics company to steal millions of dollars worth of software, according to federal authorities. The indictment states Golestaneh worked with others — known and unknown to the federal grand jury — to target the Vermont company and others through false pretenses but no others were arrested.

Ali Sabanouchi was arrested with another man for conspiring to export, and exporting, American manufactured industrial products and services to Iran. He shipped the embargoed goods to co-conspirators in UAE and in at least one case, China. Rashti would repay Saboonchi for the goods and further arrange for the entities in the UAE and China to send the goods on to him and his customers in Iran.

In July of this year, the Obama administration released a top scientist Mojtaba Atarodi who was attempting to acquire equipment that could be used for Iran’s military-nuclear programs.

The first phase of implementation takes place today.

This is a sweeping agreement with U.S. concessions. There were many side deals and no transparency. Apparently there was no notice to Congress.

The U.S. has said in the past that they would not swap prisoners. Marco Rubio tweeted that it is incentivizing more hostage taking. The U.S. government has now created a bureau for hostages and has negotiated for hostages overseas.

The IAEA never inspected Iran’s military sites and we do not have unfettered access to the military sits. All we have is trust that they are doing what they said they would do. We don’t know how many centrifuges they have. We don’t know what Iran started with – we know nothing.

Obama has been undercutting the sanctions for years and they collapsed under him.

The Iranians have access to the international banking system and have immediate access to $50 billion.

What do you think? Good deal?

We don’t know if the U.S. prisoners are in American hands.

This article was updated with a report by Catherine Herridge of Fox News.

Source: LA Times



  1. as expected from this particular source, the US prisoners held by iran were all innocent civilians who broke no laws, and all the iranian prisoners held by the US were thieves and spies working to destroy america. the weak obama admin crumbles once again and sacrifices america’s security. this article is so baseless and predictable, it could have been written by a bot.

  2. What will Iran do with all that money?
    Buy enriched uranium, centrifuges, long range missiles, develop chemical weapons? I’m sure they will be fiscally responsible. They would never do anything underhanded.
    WTF, obumbles?

  3. So by giving Iran all that money isn’t Obama now supporting Iran’s nuclear program? He can work out deals galore with our enemies for prisoners, but couldn’t do shit to get our Marine out of a neighboring friendly countries jail? Something is big time wrong.

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