What We Know So Far About the El Paso Shooting – Updated


Updates are at the end of this article


There was a shooting at Cielo Vista Mall, at the Wal-Mart. At least one person is in custody and multiple people are deceased. CNN reports three people are in custody, but that report appears to be inaccurate. There are possibly multiple shooting scenes, police are checking.

There is police confirmation that at least one suspect is a 21-year-old male. There is a confirmed photo below.

Witness Vanessa Saenz says she saw a man in a black t-shirt and cargo pants “pointing at people and just shooting.”

The last thing I saw was him walking into Walmart.

KTSM confirmed this is the photo of the shooter:

The photo came from BNL News. He allegedly turned 21 this week.

CNN reports at least 22 people have been injured in the shooting at a shopping center in El Paso.

Eleven of the victims have been transported to the University Medical Center of El Paso, according to Ryan Mielke, the hospital’s Director of Public Affairs. Their injuries range from severe to non-life threatening.

Del Sol Medical Center has also received 11 people from the scene of the shooting, according to hospital spokesman Victor Guerrero.

As Nick Adams said, let’s just pray for El Paso, unfortunately, the anti-Second Amendment activists are out ranting about guns and blaming the President as if he pulled the trigger. When this happened under then-President Obama, it was still the fault of Republicans.

George Takei claims “this is the insanity we are permitting #guncontrolnow #Howmanymore.” The hashtag GunControlNow is trending.

The racists are out also, saying, it’s a white boy, figures, it’s a white boy.


The one on this link is too graphic for us to post. The next one is graphic as well, but it’s not as horrific.


Beto and Booker released statements. Beto cried.

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Update: 5:50 EST:  CNBC reported: At least 19 people died and another 40 were wounded in a mass shooting at a shopping complex in El Paso, Texas on Saturday, multiple law enforcement sources told NBC News.

A 21-year-old suspect identified as Patrick Crusius, a resident of Allen, Texas, in the Dallas area, has been taken into custody, law enforcement sources told NBC News.

According to police, there was only one shooter despite previous reports of multiple shooters.

The manifesto popped up on 8Chan which often posts hoaxes. The Tweets are still available online, but I can’t confirm it’s the same person.

On his LinkedIn page in 2015 on the ‘about’ page, he wrote: “I’m not really motivated to do anything more than what’s necessary to get by,” he wrote on the page. “Working in general sucks, but I guess a career in Software Development suits me well. I spend about 8 hours every day on the computer so that counts as technology experience I guess. Pretty much gonna see what technology careers present themselves; go with the wind.”

Update: 9:30: EST: It appears that the irrational manifesto was posted by a Patrick Crusius about two hours before the murders. It’s posted at the end. THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION BY POLICE THAT THIS IS HIS WRITING.

As for the tweets by a Patrick Crusius, we don’t know for sure if they are his. But a lot of people are putting up fake Twitter pages, assigning them to him, to make his posts and profile look like KKK, so we are putting up the actual profile — not morphed — at the end of this article. There aren’t many posts and they are pro-Trump, but the last one was written two years ago. White supremacists don’t like President Trump, and the ones that did are disillusioned.



The photo doesn’t necessarily look like him and the Chinese is confusing. People are creating profiles and ascribing them to him, adding photos of David Duke, Dylan Roof, and other white supremacists. Those are fakes.

This is the actual account that could be Crusius’s.

We saved the tweets and replies but there wasn’t much there. This is an example.

For some reason, his tweets — potentially his tweets — were archived on Aug 3 and Aug 4, 2019. They were never been archived before. Perhaps he archived them.



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