What will happen tomorrow when the Mueller report is released


According to Fox News, Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Rod Rosenstein will hold a news conference Thursday morning at 9 a.m., informing Americans that some lawmakers will see the Mueller report without certain redactions. They will probably redact sections related to Roger Stone whose case is active.

Whatever the redactions are, the Democrats will leak them if it helps them politically.

A summary released by Bill Barr last month found no proof the President’s campaign colluded with Russia or that the President obstructed justice.

The President’s legal team is anticipating possible negative accusations and is preparing a counter report to object to any obstruction of justice claims.


Fox News states that while there will not be any prosecution, there will be “unflattering details about his [so-called] efforts to influence the Russia probe, including the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.”

That’s absurd. The President had every reason and right to fire Comey. He just waited too long.

Michael Flynn will come up, Fox News believes. They will claim the President pressured Comey to end the investigation into Michael Flynn. The basis for that is the word of a known liar, James Comey.

Also, the report is expected to dwell on the “President’s public dismay over former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal from the Russia investigation and Trump’s possible role in drafting an incomplete explanation about a meeting his oldest son took at Trump Tower with a Kremlin-connected lawyer.” Details of the meeting will also emerge.

That is so ridiculous. Sessions never should have recused himself and the Trump Tower meeting was a no-never-mind. In fact, at least one of the attorneys present is tied to Fusion GPS.

Nothing about Hillary Clinton’s crimes or the hoax dossier will be dealt with, obviously.

Democrats will subpoena the unredacted report despite the law. They will look for any negative comment about the President to demand the full unredacted report.

The only information Barr is withholding is grand jury and classified information as well as information that will damage the reputations of peripheral people.

For thirty or forty million dollars, Robert Mueller charged 34 people, mostly for process crimes, and he charged Russian trolls.

The 400-plus page report will be released before or after the press conference.

  • Posobiec has a stunning possibility. When the text message said, “the meeting in Andy’s office” talking about an insurance policy, it may not have been McCabe, but rather Andy ‘Wessman’. Now that opens up an entirely different perspective. We have to take into account Weissman Was in the DOJ at the time. The players involved then are Weissman, Bruce Ohr, and Comey who would have brought Mueller in primarily on account of his reputation with many. Weissman was next in line for a prominent job in Hillary’s administration.

    • Mueller looks bad either way, since he seems to not have run the investigation (AKA the thug witch hunt) but used his name to give it credibility.

  • Birds will chirp, the sun will shine, the squirrels will scurry and gather. More blooms will show up on the trees, the grass will have a shimmering emerald hue, the clouds will shift and drift aimlessly.
    Meanwhile in Mordor on the Potomac the comrades of the CPUSA will be energetic and firing up new probes and investigations in hopes that one day they can whisk deplorables off in the middle of night in the back of a Trabant.