What You Didn’t Know About the Fight for the Second Amendment


The fight to keep our second amendment in tact will become extremely difficult if…IF…President Obama is re-elected. He is anti-gun. He was consistently anti-gun while serving in the senate and he has continued to prove nothing has changed as he pushes the Arms Trade Treaty.

That message came through at the Firearms Civil Rights Conference on Long Island yesterday.

In New York, the fight has been a long and fierce one. Thanks to the sportsmen and other firearm advocates, New York’s ballistic imaging has been abolished. It had a zero…ZERO…success rate and it was not about stopping criminals, it was about snuffing out our freedoms.

For a fifth year, the NRA (National Rifle Association) has stopped micro stamping of guns in New York.

Most guns used in crimes are stolen and many are bought out of state where there is no micro stamping. The majority of guns used in crimes were bought 14 years ago on an average. It is unlikely guns found at crime scenes would be micro stamped for years to come. Never mind that micro stamps can be sandpapered off by criminals.

The cost of micro stamping would be at least $200 a gun. Some estimates put it at three times the cost of a gun that now sells for $500. Anti-gun advocates claim the cost would be $12 a gun, in complete opposition to what manufacturers are estimating. The equipment is very expensive.

Micro stamping would have driven hundreds of manufacturing firms out of the state, along with the thousands of jobs they create.The anti-gun politicians don’t care about increasing poverty if they can eliminate this freedom.

Wendy Long, a remarkable and brilliant candidate for Kirsten Gillibrand’s seat, is a strong second amendment advocate who spoke at the conference. She quoted from the Bill of Rights in referencing the second amendment…the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. 

Recently, the White House rewrote the Bill of Rights and the one substantive change they made was to the second amendment. Instead of using the words from the Constitution, they said this…The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms.

This is a subtle and critical change of wording. The Obama administration is saying we do not have an inherent right. They are saying it is a right given by the government. We should be alarmed by this. This president is actively working to limit our first, second, 4th, 5th and 10th amendments to the Constitution.

Cam Edwards, a spokesperson for the NRA, presented some valuable and relatively unknown information about the effort to amend or eliminate the second amendment. He said there is a little known group called, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which takes advocates for gun control and puts them in city halls using personal funds from Mayor Bloomberg’s accounts and they use taxpayer money at times. You will never see this story run in the newspapers.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns should be called Mayor Bloomberg Against Illegal Guns because he often does what he wants without representing the views of the other Mayors. It is his baby. Much of their work is done by stealth. Bloomberg is after more than your 20 ounce sodas and baby formula.

They use every shooting in the United States to prove guns need to be obliterated, even though it will leave only the criminals with guns. New York has one of the toughest gun laws and yet gun crimes are rising, and that is after they play with the stats.

They never talk about the many cases in which lives were saved because of people who were armed. The media ignores those stories as well.

Mayors Against Guns is not about crime, it is about eliminating the second amendment. Mayor Bloomberg travels with several armed guards but he would leave the rest of us defenseless.

Cam Edwards said he is sick of Eors who let other people do their fighting for them. It is time for others to join in the fight.

One person who has picked up that fight is Mrs. Nikki Goeser, a young Tennessee wife who watched as a stalker pumped six shots into her husband as they worked a Karaoke machine in a local bar.

Mrs. Goeser has been verbally assaulted by the Soros’ sites who are pumping big dollars into eliminating the second amendment.

Mrs. Goeser’s husband’s murder proved to her that we must keep our gun rights. She is a very strong advocate when you hear her heartbreaking and compelling story so she is a speaker the left hopes to stop.

Mrs. Goeser has a right-to-carry permit but in Tennessee, as in many other places, there are gun-free zones such as schools and places which serve alcohol. The gun-free zones are where the criminals go. They have become killing zones. Such was her case.

When she asked the management to remove the stalker, they did not. He then murdered her husband in front of her and thirty other patrons.

When he went to trial, this man with no criminal record, not even a parking ticket to his name, was suddenly classified as mentally ill. It was only then that people, including his parents came out to say that they knew something was wrong with him.

He received only 23 years in jail and will one day be free to stalk and kill again. Mrs. Goeser is a 36 year old woman sentenced to a lifetime without her beloved husband.

She can’t know for sure if she or other patrons in the bar could have stopped what happened that day, but her husband would have had a chance.

She asked the audience if they would put a sign in front of their house saying, NO GUNS ALLOWED? She asked if that would make them feel safer? She followed up by saying, Then why would you put that sign on your businesses?

New York has a 101 year old law allowing us to own guns but we cannot carry.


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