What You Need to Know About the Roger Stone Arrest, CNN-FBI Ties


Roger Stone was arrested Friday for seven process crimes involving lying, obstruction, and witness tampering. Most or all of the information has been reported prior to today.

Since he lied to Congress, can we expect James Clapper and a number of other Democrats to be arrested soon or are Democrats exempt?

Steve Bannon is probably the senior Trump Official. An email published in full a few months ago includes the line “I’d tell Bannon but he doesn’t call me back.” That matches the indictment: “I’d tell [the high-ranking Trump Campaign official] but he doesn’t call me back.”

There is no evidence of collusion or conspiracy between Trump and Russia to fix the election of 2016 in this indictment. ZIPPO! The indictment does not charge Stone with conspiracy or collusion with Russia.

The claims that communications were directly made with Julian Assange in the indictment are not allegations, it’s part of the story so Mueller doesn’t have to prove it, Alan Dershowitz said.

This case has been ongoing for two-and-a-half years, but, as usual, the arrest was made when there is an intense issue before the people. Right now it’s border security versus the shutdown.


Mueller allowed CNN, the impeach Trump network, to embed during the Stone arrest, along with a TV camera and very bright light in their “top secret” pre-dawn raid squad against Roger Stone (on process crimes).

They were obviously tipped off by Mueller’s office or the FBI. This morning, CNN is running the overly dramatic arrest continuously.

The agents raided in the dark of night in full riot gear as if Roger Stone is El Chapo. They wanted to cause emotional trauma. Perp walks are prejudicial and meant to be part of the dog and pony show.

All or almost all of this information was known in advance, and Stone has relayed the information in the indictment in public. Stone has been very public that this was coming.

Who tipped them?

CNN producer David Shortell told reporters, “We were here at 5 a.m. waiting for whatever was going to happen. It was dark – 6 a.m., just after the hour, about a half dozen police vehicles with sirens pulled in front of this Ft. Lauderdale home where Roger Stone lives.”


The reporter unnamed in the indictment who asked Stone about contacting a Trump official could be Matthew Boyle who was stopped on a tarmac or something like that and grilled by Mueller’s men. On October 3, Stone told a reporter [Matthew Boyle?] a high-ranking Trump campaign official [Steve Bannon?] wouldn’t call him back so he could tell him Wikileaks has something good.

The indictment claims Roger Stone threatened radio host Randy Credico’s dog as he pressured the host to back up the false testimony he gave to Congress.

Stone has said that Randy Credico is the radio host Stone said gave him the information about Assange and the leak. Jerome Corsi is the person who said he relayed an email from Stone to his friend in the U.K. asking for more information about the upcoming leak.

The indictment alleges Stone communicated about the Wikileaks release with Trump campaign official(s) [Bannon?].

Stone is looking at ten plus years in prison without a deal [or a pardon?].


Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said on CNN that “The charges brought against Mr. Stone have nothing to do with the president, nothing to do with the White House.”

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