What’s Going on in Belgium With All These Jihadists


Liberals will say there are a lot of jihadists coming from Belgium because Belgians haven’t done enough to make them feel a part of society, but others will say the Muslims refuse to assimilate (which could be a case for not taking in large numbers of Islamists without proper papers).

Between 250 and 400 jihadists in the EU are thought to have come from the small European nation of Belgium, which has a population of 11 million. They haven’t integrated well and though they only comprise 4.6% of the population, they threaten the Belgian way of life according to Business Insider. Less than a third of Belgian Muslims feel accepted into the Belgian society.


There are Islamofascists who hope to rule the EU and beyond, beginning with Belgium.

Islam is Belgium’s largest minority religion. Brussels’ Muslim population is 25.5% and they are expected to outnumber native Belgians by 2030.

The religion of Islam is actually subsidized in Belgium.

Islamic terror cells have been problematic and resulted in some convictions though they thrive in Belgium, Newsmax reported in 2012.

Massacres by Islamic extremists have become an all-too frequent occurrence. One Flemish politician and his 19 year old daughter had received death threats since she posed in a veil and a bikini.

Belgians tried to ban public employees from wearing headscarfs as the cultures begin to clash but the courts repeatedly struck it down, the Daily Mail reported. The face veil was finally banned.

Unfortunately, there are liberal Belgians who support giving Sharia’h courts equal rights with Belgian courts. The liberals are naive to the danger that even most Muslims understand. Moderate Muslims don’t want extreme Islam either.

An Islamic Sharia’h law court has been established in Antwerp, the second-largest city in Belgium. It was started by the radical Muslim group, Shariah4Belgium. The leaders plan to challenge the Belgian constitution. They started by mediating family law disputes but plan to expand to criminal cases.

The judges are self-appointed and will apply a strict version of Islamic law rather than Belgian law “to resolve disputes involving questions of marriage and divorce, child custody and child support, as well as all inheritance-related matters.”

Sharia’h law does not guarantee equal rights for men and women as does Belgian law. Furthermore, the Sharia’h court will make it difficult, if not impossible, for the state to investigate and prosecute honor crimes, including forced marriages, according to the Gatestone Insitute.

The Sharia4Belgium group plans to bring every Belgian under Shariah law.

Belgium isn’t the only European nation that appears to have Shari’ah courts . Britain has 85 Shari’ah courts according to one study done in 2009 by Civitas. That number has been widely disputed and it’s hard to verify because the courts operate in secrecy.

There is a nationwide network of at least 10 bodies run by the Islamic Sharia Council, based in Leyton, east London. These deal overwhelmingly with matrimonial problems but have no real powers under English law.

Another well-known organisation is the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal, which offers a dispute resolution service in a number of areas of civil law, and whose decisions can be legally binding.

This is a video about Sharia for Belgium.

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