What’s In Paul Manafort’s Lawsuit Against Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein


The much-reviled Paul Manafort is pushing back on the other DoJ under Robert Mueller. Manafort is suing both Robert Mueller and the Deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein, who has given Mueller an extremely broad and unprecedented range of powers as well as an unlimited budget.

Manafort may or may not be guilty of many things, but they all seem to be crimes discovered in the process of exploring the potential collusion case. In other words, they are process crimes, if he is indeed guilty at all.

The suit brought Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Washington, where Manafort and another former Trump campaign aide, Rick Gates, are charged, challenges Mueller’s decision to charge Manafort with alleged crimes that they say have nothing to do with the 2016 campaign, but rather relate to lucrative lobbying work Manafort and his deputy did for a former Russia-friendly government in Ukraine.

That work ended in 2014, the suit says. Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates deny the allegations in the charges. In fact, Mueller is charging him with information Manafort revealed himself to the FBI to help them in 2014.

Basically, Mueller is running a fishing expedition and while he’s looking for sharks, he is willing to pick up smaller fish along the way.

CNN is presenting this as a means by which Trump supporters can shut down the endless Russia-Trump collusion probe. That seems unlikely. Manafort is trying to save himself and he has the money to do it.

A DOJ spokesperson responded with a statement, saying: “The lawsuit is frivolous but the defendant is entitled to file whatever he wants.”


The scope of the probe is without many limits. For example, in the documents, we find out that in August alone, there were 100 subpoenas issued related to Manafort.

The extent of Mueller’s reach involves “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”

Manafort is saying this is far more than what Rosenstein is allowed to delegate.

Is it? Has the Department of Justice delegated its power to a rogue DoJ?

The lawsuit also seems to expose the dirty tactics used by the Mueller team. It claims that in 2014, Manafort met with the DoJ and FBI to discuss Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukivych who was ousted by his own people. He subsequently fled to Russia. The information he disclosed at the time is now the case against him and for which he is charged.

He voluntary met with prosecutors to discuss his offshore political consulting and he was told at the time that they were looking for Ukraine’s stolen assets.

“The office of the special counsel charged Mr. Manafort with the very conduct he voluntarily disclosed to DOJ almost three years prior to the appointment of Mr. Mueller as special counsel,” the complaint says.

Manafort also met regularly with the U.S. ambassador to Kiev and he said this is proof the U.S. knew what he was doing.

Manafort and Gates face a total of 12 criminal charges related to money laundering and failure to file federal disclosures. Both Manafort and Gates have pleaded not guilty and are scheduled to appear again before the judge in the criminal case on January 16.

The failure to file is never used to charge. In fact, the Podestas have gotten away with it and they did the same thing. As far as the money laundering, we will have to wait and see.

Manafort wants the judge to limit the scope of the investigation.

You can read the Manafort lawsuit on this link.

It is interesting that they only discovered now that Manafort is allegedly corrupt. He has worked with Dole, McCain and many others. The fact is that if he hadn’t helped Trump, he would not be in trouble now.

We have two justice systems in this country – one for the Democrats and one for the Republicans. If Manafort is a money launderer, he should be imprisoned but nothing is being done about the corrupt Democrats.

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