What’s Really Behind the Anti-Donald Trump Movement


At the same time there are renewed calls for a European Superstate, half the population of the United States has easily acquiesced to the idea of open borders, multiculturalism, replacement populations, forced inclusivity. Marxist principles like income inequality have become part of the nomenclature.

The U.S. was always multi-ethnic but never multicultural. Statism was condemned. The media was never so outright deceitful and biased. Fascist riots throughout the nation were once roundly condemned.

Religion is scapegoated, people claim oppression where there is none, the Marxist concepts of envy and identity politics permeate an entire political party and have even infiltrated another.

There is an international outcry against Donald Trump and it’s irrational.

Lifesite News posted a video published by Remnant TV that does give an explanation for all of it.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the election and complete the plan of this New World Order. Hillary, the U.N., the EU, would implement the plan and force dramatic social, political, and economic changes on the world.

Education, Hollywood, and media are controlled by the far-left or those who can easily be brought to the far-left and it has dumbed down the youth.

There isn’t a broad conspiracy so-to-speak, it’s a movement that statists gravitate to naturally, though there are movers and shakers like George Soros.

It’s no secret that the climate change movement is being used to destroy capitalism and de-populate the earth.

Trump’s election was a reprieve. He might not be enough to save us.

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6 years ago

Much is said when showing the look of Obama during this clip, but even More telling is the expression of Bush. He is visibly upset.

George Hilman
George Hilman
6 years ago

This explains what is going on.

Democrats are showing up in numbers and essentially creating chaos at congressmen’s town hall meetings. Short videos of these are shown in link below. CNN is rather proud of this.


They say that this how-to document has been downloaded by millions and they claim that they learned these lessons from the Tea Party.