What’s Really Happening In Venezuela!



Caracas protesters, more than the hundreds reported by the AP

Venezuela matters! It matters for many reasons and, in particular, it matters because it’s a safe haven for Hezbollah. It matters because it is one more example of our non-existent foreign policy.

After a very long silence from both the media and President Obama, it’s interesting to hear Obama directly take a stand in favor of the protesters in the Ukraine, threatening repercussions if the government violence goes unabated. However, he is only “deeply concerned” about the violence in Venezuela and expressed this through State Department spokeswoman, Marie Harf, saying nothing himself.

Tens of thousands or more student protesters have marched in all major cities this past week. Carney said the use of security forces and armed gangs by the Venezuelan government to disrupt peaceful protests is “alarming.”

The AP reported only hundreds of students protesting but the video below says something quite different.

Thousands of students have been imprisoned.

When the dictator Chavez won his sixth term, Obama congratulated the “Venezuelan people” for the peaceful, democratic election, ignoring the fact that they democratically elected a dictator, if the election was even legitimate.

After his hand-chosen successor Nicolas Maduro took office, Maduro called Obama “the grand chief of devils.” He has been a bitter enemy from day one.

Two days ago, our three embassy officials were expelled and yesterday, the opposition leader was arrested in Venezuela.

Protesters in Venezuela are being jailed, tortured and killed. They have lost all their freedoms. Aren’t they as important as the Ukarainians? If not, why not?

Listen to this video, it’s shocking:

Ambassador Bolton, speaking “On the Record” last night said this:

“Friends of the United States, friends of liberty . . . are out there trying to prevent their government from succumbing to autocracy. And the U.S. government is effectively silent and inactive,” Bolton said.

The United States’ inaction could be a huge turning point in history, Bolton said. Putin is a “man with a strategic vision and an autocratic mentality. In Obama we’ve got a weak, feckless, inattentive president who not only doesn’t know what America’s interests are, I don’t think [he] particularly cares about American national security. He’s devoted to transforming America domestically.”

U.S. influence is slipping all over the world, Bolton said, including in the Middle East.

“We will pay the price of this for a long time unless people speak up,” he said.

We don’t have a foreign policy and the world knows it. The Obama Doctrine is to vote “present” as he did 129 times while in the Illinois state senate. He expects the socialist UN to control the world’s problems instead of the US and her allies.

Look at what he has down with Syria and Iran. He has turned over his responsibilities to Russia and even Iran.

Venezuela matters. They provide a safe haven for Hezbollah. We have Hezbollah terrorists coming across our southern border as detected by Israeli intelligence. As South and Central America fall, drug cartels and communist thugs will pose an existential threat to the United States.

As Venezuelans and Ukrainians die, our president golfs, entertains socialists, and does whatever else he does in the White House. As people all over the world fight for their freedom, he is fighting to take our freedoms away.



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