What’s With This Pope??? He Needs to Stop Talking


As a Catholic, I am having a hard time with Francis as my Pope. I would ignore him, but then he stirs up trouble. He doesn’t care that massive immigration is ruining Italy. While he claims it’s about his deep concern, where is his concern about what this will do to the citizens?

Pope Benedict was a wonderful man, and now we have Francis.

Francis is surrounded by walls that protect him. When he’s not insulting conservatives with ignorant views, he’s telling everyone to open their borders to God knows who.

Why doesn’t he take in these people sleeping outside the Vatican? He’s being hypocritical.

This is what we have to feel sorry for and sacrifice for.

He seems nice:

These are people who want to destroy Christians.

Both Norah O’Donnell and Pope Francis live in mansions. Wn’t they open their doors? No, they want the rest of us to do it. Francis thinks it’s madness for Texas to try to close its borders. The madness is Francis.

People living in mansions with security shouldn’t tell others what they must tolerate.

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