WHCA Prez Won’t Apologize for Vile Performance by Michelle Wolf


The White House Correspondents Association must be proud of last night’s performance. The association president won’t apologize. Instead, she defended the foul-mouthed hater Michelle Wolf who launched a barrage of vicious insults against Trump staff, barely disguised as humor.

“What I told you is what I have already told Sarah Sanders, that I speak for myself and the association, and that my interest is in the spirit of unity and in the spirit of serious journalism,” said Ms. Talev on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

She understands she may have “fallen a little bit short”. The only people she unified were the far-left.

“My interest overwhelmingly was in unifying the country, and I understand that we may have fallen a little bit short on that goal,” said Ms. Talev, Bloomberg’s senior White House reporter. “I hope everyone will allow us to continue to work toward that goal.

It did offend many.

Howard Kurtz, the host of Fox’s “Media Buzz,” said Sunday he had “never seen a performance like that,” adding that “she was not only nasty but she was dropping f-bombs on live television.”

“The question now is whether comedian Michelle Wolf went too far and maybe damaged the journalism profession,” said CNN host Brian Stelter.

We can help Stelter with that — the media died last night and that dinner has to end.

Ed Henry of Fox News was very critical.

“I think it’s long past time, hours later, for the association to put out a simple, one-sentence statement saying, ‘We do not agree with this,’ these personal, vile attacks on Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is a good person,” said Mr. Henry on “Media Buzz.”

Dennis Miller is back, just in time!

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