When a Clock Looks Like a Bomb, It’s Islamophobia!


Schools can go too far in reacting to perceived threats but this isn’t one of those case.

Ahmed Mohamed was an alleged victim after he put an old clock in a metal briefcase and brought it to school.

When he showed his tech teacher, the teacher didn’t say much more than you’d better keep it hidden throughout the rest of the school day. When the alarm went off in English class, the teacher took a look, confiscated it, and told Ahmed it looked like a bomb.

Ahmed was told to report to the principal’s office where the police said Ahmed couldn’t tell them what the device was. They thought it might be a bomb hoax.

Soon after, Ahmed, 14, was arrested and taken to juvenile detention. He was later released to his parents.

Ahmed wasn’t charged. He has decided to transfer to another high school.

Ahmed has been invited to the White House to meet Barack Obama. Obama told him to bring his “cool clock.”

Rep. Keith Ellison, never one to miss a political opportunity, toted an analog clock with him on Capitol Hill all day Wednesday to show support for Ahmed. He tweeted using the hashtag #StandWithAhmed.

Ellison with his clock
Keith Ellison with the analog clock

Ellison didn’t take a digital clock which is what Ahmed put together, he took an analog clock that didn’t look like Ahmed’s. If he had, security probably would have stopped him for carrying a suspicious device.

This is a suitcase bomb.

suitcase bomb1

This is a digital clock.

digital clock

This is Ahmed’s clock in a briefcase so of course it’s a clock.

Ahmed’s clock in a metal briefcase

Ahmed was possibly treated badly but Islamophobia is a political tool and that was the problem here.

One tech said this is nothing other than a clock that was taken out of its case.

video via noisy room

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6 years ago

that suitcase bomb in your image. . .it’s aa Honeywell security sales demo kit. . . .LOL bad journalism. . .AHAHAHAAHA

Dianne Lynn Gardner
6 years ago

If a white child brings an air gun to school and it looks like a real gun, what are the consequences? And will he get to visti the president too?

6 years ago

You do realize that’s not a freaking suitcase. Look at the plug to get a real idea of the size of the thing. It’s no bigger than a DVD case.

6 years ago
Reply to  Justin

It’s not a briefcase either. It’s a pencil case… and what do you suppose that clock you posted would look like if they opened it up?

John Smith
John Smith
6 years ago

Oh big Surprise – Obama has invited the “victim” to the White House! Muhamed and a bomb-looking clock do not belong together. I would question his family and ask where did he get this idea from.
I’m not racist, just a realist.

6 years ago

Obama is making it easier for Islamic terrorists to blow up schools while maintaining his PC standing. Win-Win for our “president”.