When Democrats Believed in Walls


Walls work in the West Bank.

The building of a wall is one of flash points used by the hard-left, they’ve weaponized the issue. Unfortunately the leftists have taken control of the Democrat Party’s heart and soul. Since FDR, the party has moved left. How far will it go before it says no more? If Michael Moore has his way, there is no end.

People should be allowed to travel where they want and do so freely but unfortunately, we have terrorists and gangsters to the south who mean us great harm. The wall will help.

Remember when Barack Obama wanted a border wall?

Democrats voted for the wall, including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton.

Remember when Bill Clinton talked of the danger of illegal immigration and said he wanted secure borders?

That’s when Bill Clinton stood for religious liberty for everyone, not simply Muslims.

Now they boo God at the convention.

Democrats are opposed to the wall though they are concerned about the growth of hard drug use in this country. They don’t see the freedom of movement of drug cartels as tied to drug gangs and the use in this country. Another issue is that ISIS and Hamas are united with some of these cartels.

Somehow, they won’t see it.


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7 years ago

Facts are very useful. The democrats do not use them.

Clearly these people did not really favor a wall, but voted that way opportunistically.
Now, they state the opposite position, also for opportunistic reasons.