When Dems Cared About America! They Forgot There Are Tapes


Let’s go with the old Democrat Party views on DACA since they were being honest at the time. Before the Democrats realized the aliens would overwhelmingly vote for Democrats, they were against illegal aliens.

It is only logical they flip-flopped. We are getting a lot more Democrats — the uneducated, Reconquistas, the criminals, and even terrorists, and most come from socialist and communist nations. That’s not racism or nativism, it’s a logical reading of the facts.

Democrats watched as amnesty turned California from red to deep blue and they saw their future as the sole governing party. That is what is behind their support for illegal aliens, along with their desire to make everything about identity politics.

Amnesty for some carefully-screened illegal aliens is one thing but blanket amnesty is the end of the Republican Party and the country.

A one party nation is a statist nation of corruption, high taxes, dangerous spending, and no choice. It would be the one freedom robber we could never turn away from.

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