When Hunter Biden Left His Crack Pipe in a Rental Car?


Breitbart reported exclusively that an Arizona police report shows that Joe Biden’s son Hunter probably left a crack pipe in a rental car which he or someone dropped off in the middle of the night in Prescott in 2016, days before the presidential election.

Two driver’s licenses with Biden’s legal name (Robert Biden), credit cards, a Secret Service business card, and an attorney general’s badge were also recovered from the vehicle, according to police, Breitbart reported.

Police found “a white powdery substance in the armrest of the vehicle.”

Biden originally rented the vehicle from a California Hertz location.

He forgot his crack pipe.

Robert Hunter Biden was the suspect but two Prescott police officers, a detective, and the county’s attorney’s offices declined to prosecute the privileged Biden.

They said they didn’t prosecute because it would only amount to minor charges. It was sent to a city attorney who also didn’t prosecute without citing a reason.

There was. ample evidence left behind but he is Joe’s son and the election was days away.


The Washington Examiner reported Biden was discharged from the Navy Reserves in 2012 — just one month after joining — because of a random drug test that tested positive for cocaine.

He already had a drug waiver to join the reserves. In the divorce papers, his first wife Kathleen reported Hunter spent large amounts on drugs, hookers, and illicit entertainment.

After his brother Beau died, he began dating Beau’s widow. At the time, he was separated from his wife. Hunter and Beau’s wife Hallie broke up in April. It didn’t look good, so that’s a break for Joe.

On another note, the Ukrainian prosecutor said Hunter Biden didn’t break any laws when he engaged in business dealings in the country.  He said he was not a subject of any investigation. Now the Democrats just have to clear up the China business.


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