When Quasi-Communists Are in Charge, Animals Get Banned from the Circus


no-fun Mendez

Councilwoman Rosie Mendez is on a campaign to ban all exotic animals from New York. One can easily see she is not any fun whatsoever.

New York City is considering a ban on all exotic animals that perform in the circus based on recommendations from an extreme animal rights group known as NY CLASS.

Why stop with the animals I’d like to know. What about the clowns? Aren’t they important? And the trapeze artists, shouldn’t we ban them too?

NY CLASS, which is pushing to end horse and buggy rides in Central Park because of perceived and unproven animal abuses, now wants the circus banned from New York City.  They are expanding their agenda now that they have a receptive mayor who is all for banning everything fun except maybe Marijuana.

soon to be a thing of the past

Horse and Buggy rides in Central Park are about to become a thing of the past to be replaced with solar cars. What fun! Not!

Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey is coming to town and NY CLASS wants it to be the last time. “This is another example of the type of cruelty that has no place in New York City,” said Allie Feldman, the group’s executive director.

What cruelty? It’s cruel to not let children enjoy the circus.

“This is another attempt by an organization with a radical animal rights political agenda to tell people not just in New York but everywhere what they can and cannot see,” said Stephen Payne, vice president of Feld Entertainment, Ringling’s parent company. Payne added that they keep a veterinarian on staff and are inspected frequently by local, state and federal officials.


MelissaMark-Vivierto, one angry lady

Mark-Vivierto, another no-fun quasi-communist gal, is anti-circus as is communist mayor Bill de Blasio. NYCLASS supports her and Bill enthusiastically.

The Big Apple Circus does not use wild animals and won’t be affected by the ban on exotic animals. I guess the dogs and horses they use don’t count.

Six California cities have already enacted such a ban on all wild animals.

NY Class is hoping to expand their operations to include every imaginable activity involving animals. They oppose sales of animals in pet stores unless they are rescued animals, they want to mandate a tenant’s right to have a companion animal, they demand humane animal education be incorporated into public schools (indoctrination), banning the sale of foie gras is a top priority, they insist that the use of animals in circuses, rodeos and any entertainment forum be stopped. They are also into protecting wild geese, the dirty birds that are plaguing the city and Island.

As an asked, my husband had to humanely get them off the property of a power plant he was in charge of, but there is no way to do that. They multiply rapidly and are very dirty. One day, he saw them on the roof and one-by-one, they followed one another off the roof, and plunged to their deaths.  Slews of them gone in a flash. It’s not known why they did it, maybe they were suicidal. In New York, even our birds are loony.

This is the case of a minority special interest group dictating to the majority, the silent majority, which had better start making themselves heard or they won’t have any freedoms. People can’t let endless little groups dictate to them and expect they will keep their rights in tact.

Read more at the NY Daily News


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