When Raw Power Rules


When Raw Power Rules

by David Reavill


It has been a long time coming. The recent raid on Former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, Mar a Lago, was our final introduction to the new America. A place I call the “People’s Republic of America.”


Step by step, this Administration in Washington has moved us closer to this day. But Mar a Lago became the grand finale, the moment it was clear that all of us, including former Presidents, were now living under the power of this new State.

Like the Death Star in the movie Star Wars, it seems that none can stand against this incredible force.

For two hundred years, the former United States of America had, as its Hallmark, the peaceful transition of power. We were a nation of laws, we said, where the traditions of our country put laws above men. We were not like those petty dictators who ruled simply by exercising their power.

Leaders like Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot. Places where they put their political opposition in jail, or worse. Stalin used the Gulag liberally, and those who disagreed were never heard from again. Places like Cambodia, where the world did not learn of the true horrors until well after Pol Pot left this mortal coil, and the stacks upon stacks of skulls, his opposition, were uncovered.

These are places where there is no rule of law. There is only the exercise of raw political power, where one man wields the full coercive might of the State. Mar a Lago vividly demonstrated that’s where this country is today.

The opposition argues the fine points of the constitution. If I hear one more time that Joe Biden “can’t” do this or that, I think I’ll scream. Joe Biden most definitely can do this and that. And he demonstrates it daily.

He forgave student loans, sent unlimited funds to Ukraine, printed stimulus checks for everyone, and blocked oil pipelines left and right. But perhaps most compelling, he can have his political opposition arrested and harassed. Lead Peter Navarro away in shackles, have a swat team raid Roger Stone in the predawn hours, Paul Manafort, and now send the FBI to rummage through a former President’s home.

Here’s the message loud and clear. If you oppose this President, you risk having the full power of the national police, otherwise known as the FBI, and other agencies and authorities descend on you at any time. Opposition is the crime, and the raw exercise of power is the method.

Any Constitutional issue here is purely incidental. These fine points of the law are as outdated as a ballpoint pen or cursive writing. They may look familiar, but they are part of our ancient history. We are now living in the People’s Republic of America.

Many on our side, the opposition, continue to argue against the Mar a Lago raid, as if there is an issue arising from the National Archives or Top Secret Clearance. Don’t be silly. Those issues are no longer relevant.

Former Administratons have already established that these regulations no longer apply. Can a former President take home “secret documents?” Of course, Obama took thousands for his yet to be build library. So shouldn’t any former President should be permitted to do the same?

Can top secret access be allowed in a private residence? Remember,  Hillary Clinton had a top-secret internet server in her bathroom. So shouldn’t any former President should be allowed to do likewise?

There is no longer legal precedence or “Stare Decisis.” What came before no longer applies. So what if Obama or Clinton were allowed to do these things? That doesn’t matter in Trump’s case. What matters is that he is part of the opposition. And he’s no longer in power.

I believe that most Americans see this as the raw, unfettered exercise of power. And decided to rule, and that’s the appropriate word. They’ve chosen not to represent us, but to rule us. This group in Washington has thrown off all the laws and traditions of this nation.

And as such, they are acting outside the bounds of traditional American governance. We need to recognize this. This government has gone rogue. Opposing them with conventional means of petition and redress will not work. Turning to the courts has proven to be slow and ineffective.

The one method that has proven to work has been to shine the spotlight on their deeds. The former reality TV Star, Donald Trump, has proven to be a master at this. By directing the nation’s attention at just how far the current clan in Washington will go, he shows them for the petty tyrants that they are. We are all aware of their massive overreach at Mar a Lago because Trump himself first “tweeted” that his home was being raided.

And that’s the real power in this country, the overwhelming power of a well-informed, willing-to-act public that will stand against this new government of the “Peoples Republic” and bring it back to the “United States of America.”

Concerted, massive demonstration still works. Farmers in Denmark, marchers in Australia, yellow vests in Paris, and Melbourne demonstrators, are all proving this today.

We, the People, can overturn Governments, rewrite unjust laws, and banish tyrants when we stand up and make our voices heard.

Economic News

 Some incredible prices are coming out of Europe this morning.

Price number 1, the Euro, is currently trading at less than one dollar. You may remember that a year ago, the Euro was at roughly $1.19. That’s a nearly 20% slide in the conversion rate for the Euro. A dramatic price move because institutions and individuals are concerned that the European Economy is descending into a major recession.

Price number 2. Germany’s electricity price just topped 700 Euros per megawatt this morning. While in France a megawatt of electricity will cost you 1000 Euros. To give you a comparison, current electricity prices in every state in America are less than 300 euros per megawatt.

Energy cost is the principal reason the world believes Europe will be headed for a significant economic contraction.

Here in the US, it looks like Friday’s stock slide is about to continue, as all significant financial futures are currently lower. That includes stocks, bonds, and cryptos.

In earnings this morning, a couple of Chinese stocks are trading the opposite. On the plus side, Pinduoduo, one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world, is up big. While Chinese Hotel chain H World Group Limited is headed lower.

In the US, pharmaceutical sub-contractor Catalent is trading lower on their results. Catalent is one of those companies that the major Pharmacy companies use to actually manufacture the drugs. I wonder if today’s results reflect lower sales in the Covid Vaccines?

Also trading lower this morning is Select Quote, one of those online services for obtaining health and other insurance prices.

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1 year ago

As long as Republicans continue to abide by the laws and the Constitution, the left will continue and expand,beating up Conservatives with the law. While ignoring the Constitution.

1 year ago

Traitor Joe gets away with what he is doing because of Ball-Less Uni-Party RINOs. Most Dictators get away with what they do because they have disarmed their people. Australia is a perfect example. America has the Most Well Armed, i.e. Well Regulated, Civilian Population in the World If only 10% of the People took up arms against the Government in America, the Government would fold. This is why the People are looking at the 2022 Election as the Government’s Last Chance. If there is Hanky-Panky, The People just might have a Turkey Shoot.

This Winter, a lot of people are going to be Cold and in the Dark. They won’t be able to afford Fuel Oil for the Furnace. The price of everything is now to the point that people are skipping meals and don’t eat out. I see it in the Restaurants more empty daily. Many places are cutting their hours back. We are heading towards Food Shortages. When people with guns get cold and hungry they do something to change their situation and everyone knows the Democrat Traitor Joe Administration created this Mess. Remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend; everyone’s enemy right now is the Government.

Only people with money look at economics which is why the Politicians in the Beltway are so clueless. They can’t relate to what 80% of Americans are dealing with.

Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
1 year ago

Don’t kid yourself, Mr. Reavill. It will take much more than “raising our voices” to put an end to the tyranny that’s been fixed upon us.

“You may cover whole skins of parchment with limitations, but power alone can limit power.” — John Randolph

Power. Got any?