When the Left Doubles Down on Religion of Peace Lie, Describing Buddhists as Brutal


The left is doubling down on the Islam is the religion of peace lie and are coming to the aid of allegedly innocent Rohingya Muslims in Burma. Buddhism is now the religion of brutality.

For their cover, they found the most brutal Buddhist they could.

The U.N., even President Trump, are rushing to the aid of the Rohingya as the Buddhists try to run them out. Buddhists know what their staying means.


India is trying to deport 40,000 Rohingya, saying they are tied to terrorists.

In India, the government said it had reports from security agencies and other authentic sources “indicating linkages of some of the unauthorised Rohingya immigrants with Pakistan-based terror organizations and similar organizations operating in other countries.”

The government also said there was information on Rohingya involvement in plots by ISIS and other “extremist groups” to ignite communal and sectarian violence in India.

Rohingya terror training camp in Burma:


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